My Cruelty-Free Basic Makeup Products

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Katarina Van Derham

Lab animals are kept in inhumane conditions and have to endure painful tests. In addition, these tests are outdated. And currently, there are thousands of existing formulations and ingredients that are safe for humans and therefore don’t need to be tested on animals at all.

Exercise your buying power as a consumer by supporting cruelty-free brands that are making a change in the world. You’ll be beautiful on the outside and inside knowing that you are making a positive change universally.

Katarina Van Derham
I've always had a huge passion for fashion and glamour, but sometimes felt both could cross an invisible line and become too "cheesy". I wanted to combine the two and create a GUIDE for women who want to become glamourous, smart and classy with a very feminine style. Working in Hollywood for a decade helped me understand what women,and men, find beautiful and attractive. More importantly it helped me gain perspective that everyone can be beautiful and attractive, regardless of what you look like. Ah the magic of Hollywood! Yet, being a model and a beauty specialist were only two avenues of my expertise. With an exceptionally well developed three dimensional vision and a degree in Business, Marketing and Graphic Design, I was on my way to create the world I wanted to live in. Viva Glam Magazine is on a rise to become the one and only guide every woman will ever need. "Stay Beautiful!"