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10 Vegan Handbags You Must Own in 2023

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment and animals. For this reason, many stylish women opt for vegan handbags. Aside from being a sustainable material, many leather alternatives are also durable and very affordable. As such, you can gain a lot of benefits by choosing vegan leather. Unfortunately, not all vegan handbags are created equally. Nevertheless, you can still be chic and elegant without feeling guilty by opting for a reputable bag brand with a “cruelty-free” badge. So, here are the top vegan handbags I personally suggest you should own in 2023.

Wilby Metal Rimmed Handbag

Wilby is a UK-based vegan handbag brand that aims to provide ethical and stylish products. In fact, it created a collection of “clutch” handbags made with eco-friendly materials, including cork leather, organic cotton, and other recyclable materials. 

One of the most popular products of Wilby is the Metal Rimmed handbag. This vegan handbag has a pale blue color and gold hardware that radiate sophistication. Additionally, it features two open pockets and a zipped pocket for your lipstick and phone. Best of all, this large-sized bag is perfect for carrying your daily essentials for work. 

Source: https://beyondbags.com

Gunas Ruth Tote Bag

One of the top vegan handbags you must own in 2023 is the Gunas Ruth tote bag. As you know, Gunas has been known in the fashion industry for over a decade. Most of their popular products are made with sustainable materials, such as canvas and nylon. 

Source: https://www.gunasthebrand.com

The inspiration for the Gunas Ruth tote bag was Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and its style screams Gunas’ vision to protect the planet and all living things. Plus, this tote bag features a unique design that allows you to use it for various occasions, including work and casual weekends with your friends. 

Papa & Hart The Brighton Beach Bag 

Papa & Hart is a luxury fashion brand created by Patrice Papa and Steve Hart, who have been friends for over two decades. Finally, they made their fashion dream come true through The Brighton Beach Bag collection in 2017. 

At first glance, The Brighton beach bag may seem like an ordinary handbag. However, upon careful inspection, you will notice that it is made with the highest standards. In fact, this high-quality bag is the perfect item you can use for your weekend getaways. Plus, it is available in various colors. As such, you can pick a color that matches your style and personality. 

Source: https://papaandhart.com

Badgley Mischka Madalyn Weekender Bag

The Badgley Mischka Madalyn weekender bag is one of the top vegan handbags you must own in 2023 if you’re a frequent traveler. Remember, Bradley and Mischka were considered among the top American designers by Vogue. As such, you can expect their bags and accessories radiate glamour and style. 

Source: QVC

The Bradley Mischka Madalyn weekender bag is a stylish tote bag due to its timeless design. Plus, its size is ideal for those who want to keep their travel essentials organized while on the road. 

Banda Bags Weekender Bag

The Banda Bags weekender bag is a good choice for women searching for a unique-looking handbag. Although Banda Bags is an emerging brand, you can expect quality and style from their products.

The Banda Bags weekender bag is one of the best-looking vegan handbags in the market due to its unique embroidery. It is also light and spacious, making it the perfect bag for your weekend getaways. Best of all, it comes in numerous colors. As such, you can pick one that matches your style and personality. 

Source: https://bandabags.com

AMARÉ Phone Sling Bag

If you’re searching for a small bag for your phone, the AMARÉ Phone Sling Bag is an excellent choice. As you know, this brand uses cactus leather, which is a durable material. For this reason, you can expect their bags to be stylish and long-lasting. 

Source: https://www.wolfandbadger.com/us/

Although the AMARÉ Phone Sling Bag is small, it can carry your important items, including your phone and card. As a stylish and functional bag, it is a good choice for your casual outings with family or friends. 

ASHOKA Paris Pamela Shopping Bag 

One of the top vegan handbags you must own in 2023 is made by ASHOKA Paris. It is a French vegan fashion brand known for producing premium bags, shoes, and clothes. 

A popular product of ASHOKA Paris is the Pamela shopping bag. As its name implies, this handbag was co-created by Pamela Anderson. As such, you can guarantee that the bag is high-quality and stylish. In fact, it features embossed messages, golden clasps, and pop art lining that radiates style and sophistication. Plus, it is a large-sized tote bag you can use for work and other activities. Also, it offers comfort because you can carry it in your hand or shoulder. 

Source: https://www.ashokaparis.com

Stella McCartney Frayme Shoulder Bag 

Stella McCartney is a London-based fashion brand known for producing luxury items made with sustainable materials and practices. For this reason, you can ensure that this brand can make you look elegant without harming the environment. 

The Stella McCartney Frayme shoulder bag features a vintage design that makes you remember the 90s. Still, the product looks modern due to its oversized chain. As a result, the bag radiates a casual yet elegant vibe. The best part is that it comes in several colors. 

Source: https://www.stellamccartney.com/ca/en/

Angela Roi Grace Shoulder Bag 

Angela Roi is a New York-based fashion brand known for its artisinal bags made with vegan leather and other premium materials. As such, their products are high-quality yet affordable. 

The Angela Roi Grace shoulder bag is a simple yet sophisticated bag you can carry to your workplace. It has ample space for your daily essentials. Plus, its elegant design can make you look more professional.


Source: https://www.angelaroi.com

Ecosusi Briefcase 

Of course, this list of top vegan handbags you must own in 2023 is not complete without mentioning the Ecosusi briefcase. Most of you are probably familiar with this vegan fashion brand because of its vintage-designed products. In fact, the Ecosusi Julie Vintage Vegan Briefcase is quite popular due to its timeless yet chic design. Aside from that, the bag has ample space for a 15.6-inch laptop. Plus, it has several pockets for your other essentials. Because of these features, this vegan handbag is definitely a must-have.

Source: https://www.ecosusi.com

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