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5 Top-Quality Vegan Shoe Brands

Today, more and more people are following a “cruelty-free” lifestyle to support animals and to help save the planet. Fortunately, the fashion industry is now developing ways to deliver stylish products made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials. In fact, you can now buy shoes made with different kinds of leather alternatives, including pineapple and cactus leather. However, not all “plant shoes” are high-quality. Even so, you can definitely find a reputable brand you can rely on for your styling needs. To give you a better perspective, here are the top-quality vegan shoe brands you can trust. 


In Portuguese and Spanish, Novacas refers to “no cow,” which strongly hints at the brand’s goal. To be specific, this vegan shoe brand has produced classic-designed shoes made with premium material, such as Italian-made microfiber. Because this material is breathable, it provides outstanding comfort. Plus, it is durable and water-resistant. The best part is that they have different styles of shoes for men and women. 

The main headquarters of Novacas is located in one of the trendiest parts of New York, which is the Lower East Side. The store displays a collection of stylish vegan shoes for various occasions. 

Native Shoes 

Native Shoes is one of the top-quality vegan shoe brands you can trust. The reason is that its “plant shoes” are lightweight, comfy, and durable. Plus, the brand uses cutting-edge technology to help reduce its impact on the environment. In fact, it initiated the “Remix Project” to soles a new life. 

Native Shoes is based in Vancouver, Canada. You can also visit its website if you want to purchase its stylish and comfy vegan shoes.

Mireia Playà

Another reputable vegan shoe brand you can try is Mireia Playà. All its trendy shoes are crafted in Spain. Aside from that, the brand is known for using sustainable practices and materials such as vegetable leather. Best of all, its vegan shoes have unique designs that combine the latest fashion trends with modern feminine styles. As such, you can pick a design that matches your personality. 

Minuit Sur Terre 

Minuit Sur Terre is a vegan shoe brand based in France. It is known for making shoes made with vegan leather and recycled materials. Even though this brand uses sustainable and recycled, you can expect that its shoe designs are impeccable. After all, the brand is situated near Paris, one of the “fashion capitals of the world.” 

Since it was founded in 2017, Minuit Sur Terre has been using sustainable practices. In fact, the brand launched “Aurore.” It is a platform where secondhand or pre-loved vegan shoes are sold for affordable prices. 

Beyond Skin 

Of course, this list of top-quality vegan shoe brands you can trust is not complete without mentioning Beyond Skin. After all, many celebrities, like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, have worn their vegan shoes on red carpet events. 

The products of Beyond Skin are made with recycled and sustainable materials. Additionally, the company produces vintage-inspired shoes using ethical practices. As such, you can be chic without feeling guilty when you wear a product from this luxury brand.