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The Bohemian or Boho style was influenced by the hippies and free-spirited people of the 60s and 70s. Despite being a popular trend in the 90s and early 2000, the Boho look faded as the years passed. However, the style didn’t die. In fact, it recently made a comeback during the latest fashion week. So, what is the new boho trend, and why is it all over the streets of fashion week? 

As the weather gets warmer, people usually opt for brighter shades to remind them of the warm days ahead. For instance, pastel colors are popular because of their uplifting effect. The good news is that your option is not limited to these shades. There are numerous hues you can wear to create fabulous looks. To give you a better view, here are the trending colors you can wear to celebrate spring. 

Today, more and more people are following a “cruelty-free” lifestyle to support animals and to help save the planet. Fortunately, the fashion industry is now developing ways to deliver stylish products made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials. In fact, you can now buy shoes made with different kinds of leather alternatives, including pineapple and cactus leather. However, not all “plant shoes” are high-quality. Even so, you can definitely find a reputable brand you can rely on for your styling needs. To give you a better perspective, here are the top-quality vegan shoe brands you can trust. 

Like diamonds, a blazer can be considered a woman’s best friend. After all, it can take your clothing from office attire to a fabulous outfit for your girl’s night out. Aside from versatility, a blazer can also complete your attire. Remember, there are different styles of blazers. For instance, you can wear a faux leather or cropped blazer if you want to look chic and edgy. Styles like the cape or double-breasted blazers are perfect for those who want to look sophisticated. Despite its many designs, blazers were once simple clothing for cold days. In fact, it took a lot of years to turn this piece of clothing into a fashion staple. To give you a better view, here are some details about the history of blazers. 

Brunettes have dark strands that give off an alluring vibe, especially when they wear something with a saturated shade. Remember, there are certain colors that can flatter your hair. As such, experts recommend wearing an outfit with a color that makes your tresses stand out when you’re attending parties and other events. So, what are the best colors for brunettes to wear in the winter? 

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment and animals. For this reason, many stylish women opt for vegan handbags. Aside from being a sustainable material, many leather alternatives are also durable and very affordable. As such, you can gain a lot of benefits by choosing vegan leather. Unfortunately, not all vegan handbags are created equally. Nevertheless, you can still be chic and elegant without feeling guilty by opting for a reputable bag brand with a “cruelty-free” badge. So, here are the top vegan handbags I personally suggest you should own in 2023.

The world keeps moving forward, as does fashion. Real fur remains a hot topic as there are more and more laws coming into effect prohibiting raising animals solely for the use of their fur. California is leading by example, once again, as 2023 marks a historic step with the implementation of the law prohibiting the sales and manufacturing of new fur products. The countries of the European Union are now following.