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KAT LASH on The Morning Blend in Tuscan, Arizona

KAT LASH false lashes

Trends come and go but in my opinion, classic beauty will always remain an admirable style many women desire. What does it mean? As that saying goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”, these natural lashes will open up your eyes for people to see right into your soul. It’s because KAT LASH by Glamour Garden cosmetics represents the right amount of lash. These styles of lashes don’t hide your natural beauty, they enhance it and create overall younger look. I got to bring these lashes and my limited lipstick collection to The Morning Blend show on the local TV station KGun9 in Tuscan, Arizona.

Getting to Tuscan

Our VIVA GLAM team has decide to drive from the Los Angeles office all the way to Tuscan. Oh boy, what a ride! Packing a few of us in a large SUV ended up not being the best idea. Why? You’ll have to wait to find out in one of the upcoming episodes of The 90s Girl. We have booked a spacious house via Airbnb where we stayed for two nights. Since the house was hunted, I didn’t get to rest much before my morning appearance.

The Morning Blend

The show itself was great. Very lovely host and overall great atmosphere. We got to introduce KAT LASH as well as the lipsticks and invited viewers to our pop-up shop which we were doing that afternoon at one of the local boutiques.