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I am super excited to introduce you to my very first merch “The 90s Girl”. As you might already know, “The 90s Girl” is the title of my docu-series on vivaglammagazine.com where I document the lives of our VIVA GLAM team.


Why The 90s Girl

When the Iron Curtain came down in 1989, I was 14 years old. I remember that time very well as many of us were wondering what changes this will bring to our country. Quickly enough, Czechoslovakia started to get flooded with all sorts of western merchandise and entertainment. It was the beginning of a very exciting era for us teenagers; trendy clothes, more western music videos, western magazines such as German Bravo, and a ton of other cool stuff. The borders opened up and now we could travel to other countries besides those considered Eastern Bloc. I was all about everything Western, especially American. I loved wearing the fashion, dancing to the 90’s pop and traveled a lot with my girlfriends. The 1990s really shaped me as a person I am today. This era catapulted my dreams and over time they all became a reality.

In 1998, I relocated to California.


The 90s Girl Merch

So, this merch is the extension of my 90s era. I don’t tend to live in the past, if anything I tend to live in the future. However, I love to reminisce about the 90s since this era is my favorite. I think it is important to remember why we are who we are and to understand what has shaped us. No shame to any of it, it’s our unique path we should be proud of.


Where to buy The 90s Girl merch?

After a successful run of my YouTube channel for Czechia and Slovakia, I decided to take advantage of the option YouTube offers for their members. YouTube has teamed up with Spreadshop which creates merch and ships it globally. A broad array of sweatshirts, t-shirts and even mugs with The 90s Girl logo you’ll be able to find here!


So, pick your favorite style, select the color and size and before you know it, you’ll be sipping on your coffee wearing your new favorite shirt or hoodie.