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Jennifer Aniston Revealed Her Biggest Tip For Faster Hair Growth

If there is one person that I would take hair advice from, it’s Jennifer Aniston. I dreamed of having Rachel Green’s hair throughout my whole adolescence. I took pictures of her famous highlights and layers to show my stylist and rewatched “Friends” just to admire her style and perfect hair. And I know that I wasn’t the only one doing it. Every girl who grew up watching the popular sitcom wanted to have Jennifer Aniston’s hair, just as badly as Monica Geller wanted Demi Moore’s.

But thanks to her social media presence, her hair secrets aren’t so secret anymore. As many of you already know, Jennifer recently came out with her own haircare brand called LolaVie. However, the famous actress also became much more open about what tricks she has been using over the years to maintain the health of her hair, and keep it long and shiny. She also recently shared her number one tip for anyone who is trying to grow out their hair, and it isn’t the one you may expect.


What is Jennifer Aniston’s number one tip?

This may sound a bit confusing at first, but the actress claims that her number one tip for faster hair growth is protecting the ends. Why? Because no matter how fast your hair grows from the roots, it will never reach the length you desire if it keeps breaking off. So if you want to get long and healthy hair, focus on making your hair as strong and resistant as possible.

In an interview for British Vogue, Aniston said: “The biggest thing I’ve learned over the years from my stylists is to protect! We put our hair through so much damage—dyeing your hair, straighteners, curling irons, everything over time has an effect. That’s why it’s essential to use products that protect every step of the way.”


There isn’t any magic pill we can take to increase the rate at which our hair grows. This depends on our genetics, and there isn’t that much that we can do besides wait. However, if you have unhealthy ends, that split and break off easily, it will seem as if your hair does not grow at all. Have you ever noticed how some people who bleach their hair have new hair growth from the roots, which is why they need monthly touch-ups, but their hair always seems to be the same length? Well, that’s because it breaks off before it has the chance to grow.


How to protect your hair?

While haircare can seem confusing and overwhelming, you only need a couple of products. Besides your shampoo and conditioner, you should also have a leave-in conditioner, heat protectant, and hair oil in your routine. Apply the leave-in conditioner on towel-dried hair, spritz some heat protectant, and style your hair as usual. Blow-drying, curling, flat-ironing, basically whatever your usual routine is. However, we would always suggest minimizing heat as much as possible. Lastly, use some hair oil to polish up your ends, and you are good to go.