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Hailey Bieber Revealed Some Spicy Details About Her Love Life With Justin

If there is one celebrity couple that I never thought I would know intimate details about, it’s Justin and Hailey Bieber. And that’s not because I don’t think that some spicy things are going on between these two, but because both of them are so private! 

Ever since their intimate wedding in September 2019, the couple has made sure that their private lives stay private. Whatever rumors were twirling around in the press, the famous couple never bothered to give any statements. They persisted under the pressure, and are as happy as ever, three years after the wedding. 

However, in a recent podcast episode that Hailey Bieber did for “Call Her Daddy,” the famous supermodel didn’t shy away from revealing intimate details about her life with Justin. Some of them were even related to their “love life”. And yes, one of them made me giggle for 5 minutes straight. 

Spicy details

Hailey Bieber is definitely not known for talking about her sex life. The “Rhode Beauty” owner seems very reserved, which is why so many people were shocked after the latest podcast episode of “Call Her Daddy” was aired. With some hesitation, the supermodel revealed some spicy details, like what her favorite position is and if she would ever do a threesome. 

The first question that the podcast host, Alex Cooper, asked Hailey was whether the couple preferred to get down to business in the morning or at night. She replied: “More so night. But I do like morning too.” I know that this answer doesn’t seem shocking at all, but believe me when I say that things are about to get more interesting. 

Later, Alex asked Hailey if there was ever a third person who offered to get down and do the dirty with them. Bieber said that the answer is no. When asked if she would ever be down for a threesome, the supermodel also said that the answer to that question is a clear no too. “It doesn’t work for the two of us,” she revealed.

“The second you make the decision to do that, there is no going back from that. We work very hard to be in the space that we’re in now, trusting each other. I just don’t think that’s something I would be comfortable with — or him, for that matter,” she continued.

Favorite positions

Cooper didn’t stop there, as she wanted to learn a few more details about Hailey and Justin’s love life. She persuaded Bieber to reveal what her favorite position is. However, Alex made it clear that the answer could not be missionary. Hailey was quick to respond: It definitely isn’t missionary. I really like doggy style,” she said. I know that this isn’t a scandalous answer at all, but for some reason it made me giggle. Who would have said, right?

But Hailey added that things aren’t so black and white in their bedroom: “It’s not like I strictly like this one thing and he strictly likes this other thing. It’s always something different.”

Biggest turn-ons

Last but not least, Hailey also revealed what the biggest turn-ons for her and her husband are. Turns out, it’s emotional intimacy and kissing: “We could literally just be laying down talking before. [Connection] is really important for him. For me, kissing is a big deal.”

As crazy as the lives of the Bieber spouses seem to us, listening to this interview, it seems like these two are just your regular married couple. Hailey also opened up about the ups and downs of married life, but also touched on her feelings about Justin’s prior relationships with Selena Gomez. If you want to hear what Hailey had to say about that, make sure you listen to the whole episode on Spotify.