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Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates Her Curvy Body And The Internet Is Quick To React

All of the Kardashian sisters are known for their curvy bodies. Well, all except for one! The oldest sister, Kourtney, has always been famous for her naturally slim and petite body. Being only five feet tall, the 43-year-old revealed that she used to only weigh 95 pounds! But recently, the ‘Poosh’ founder made headlines after she posted unedited photos of her new, curvier body on Instagram. 

The photos were posted as part of the campaign for her new vitamin gummy brand, called ‘Lemme’. Many of Kourt’s fans thought she was pregnant after she posted photos of herself on Instagram holding her stomach. However, Kourtney was quick to respond to the assumptions, and revealed that she, in fact, isn’t pregnant.

One user wrote: “Wait a minute did I miss that she’s pregnant”, to which the ‘Lemme’ owner responded: “nope, but you’re missing a woman’s body”. Needless to say, the internet went absolutely crazy, and Kourt received hundreds of comments praising her newly-found body positivity.

IVF and weight gain

In one of the latest episodes of “The Kardashians”, the 43-year-old revealed the reason behind her recent weight gain. Kourtney explained: “So obviously my body’s changed. But it was all of the hormones that the doctors put me on. Eight months of IVF treatment has definitely taken a toll on my body mentally and physically. I think it’s taken me a lot to get me to the place of feeling really comfortable and happy with the changes.”

Support system 

And even though Kourtney always seemed confident on the outside, the thousands of comments she receives on social media concerning her body definitely did have an impact on her. However, the ‘Poosh’ founder also revealed that her husband, Travis Barker, never fails to make her feel better. Kardashians said: “Every day, Travis is like, ‘You’re perfect. If I make one complaint, he’s like, ‘You’re perfect. You’re so fine… You’ve never been better.'”

“Having a partner who is so supportive of me and always complimenting me, no matter what, it’s just helped me to really embrace the changes and actually to the point where I love the changes now,” Kardashian added.


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Embracing the curves

During the episode, Kourtney explained that after some time she learned to love her new body as well. “I’m so into my thicker body now. When I was super skinny, it’s like a time when I was super anxious… Not about eating. Not about staying at a certain weight. But, like, just in toxic relationships. I used to always say this: When I’m super skinny, just know I’m not happy.”

Before her marriage to Travis, Kourtney was in a decade-long on-again, off-again relationship with her baby daddy, Scott Disick. But after cutting off all romantic ties with the ‘Talentless’ owner, Kourt fell in love with her long-term friend Travis. And it seems like she also fell in love with herself too. 

Kardashian revealed: “I used to be, like, 95 lbs. And then 105 became my new normal weight. I’m 115. I used to be stuck on the number. I also love being curvier. It’s just channeling that queen energy and embracing the woman that I am.”