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‘Tis The Season Of Static Hair: How To Combat Winter Hair Problems  

Winter is just around the corner, and with all of the wonderful things that come with it, there are also some things that we aren’t so excited about. Have you ever noticed how almost every day is a bad hair day during the winter months? I mean, yes, beanies are always there to save the day. But why can’t my hair look as good as it did during the warmer months? 

If you live in an area with harsh and cold winters, you know how much of a toll low temperatures can take on hair. It becomes brittle, the scalp starts to flame, and no deep-conditioning treatment seems to be conditioning enough. And last but not least — ‘tis is also the season of static hair. Yup, just when you thought you got your hair to a presentable state, you put on your sweater and your hair starts flying around in all directions.

Why do we get static hair in winter?

If you are wondering why you get staticky hair, the answer is pretty simple. During the colder months, we wear a lot of hats, scarves, and turtlenecks. All of these clothing items come in contact with our hair and rub against it. The rubbing causes an electron deficiency, and once the fabrics are removed, our strands of hair stand up in an attempt to regain that lost energy. In other words, you end up looking like you were electrocuted, and the flyaways that annoyed you during the summer seem so insignificant in comparison.

But are there any ways to beat this electron deficiency? Yes, they are. Let us start with what you shouldn’t be doing. Don’t start brushing out your hair manically with a plastic brush. This will only make things worse. Use a brush made from wood instead. Then go over your hair with fabric softener sheets. I know that it sounds weird, but it works like a charm. Just run the dryer sheets down your hair, from roots to ends to neutralize the hair’s charge. To restore some moisture, run a few drops of hair oil through your ends as well.

Winter haircare

Even if static hair isn’t a concern for you during the winter months, you have to understand that there is a difference between summer and winter hair care. While most of us like to keep it light during the summer months because the humid hair weighs our hair down as it is, winter should be the season of hair masks and treatments. Make sure you are giving your hair the care that it needs and put it up in protective hairstyles when the temperatures get super low.

If you are looking for one product to incorporate into your haircare routine, then I would suggest looking into a leave-in conditioner. And I am not talking about oils, creams, and serums. Instead, look for a spray leave-in conditioner. This will help detangle your hair, protect it from the low temperatures (yes, low temperatures can damage the hair as well), it will add some additional hydration, and can even help with static hair!