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Wednesday Addams Makeup Is Trending All Over Social Media: How To Get The Look

Are you ready to enter your goth makeup era? Because everyone is obsessed with the Netflix show Wednesday, we’ll confidently assume that the answer is yes. 

Over 90 million TikTok users have been searching for the look online, so it’s pretty safe to assume that everyone is obsessed with Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams. 

In case you still haven’t watched the dark comedy Netflix series, you might be slightly confused about what it is that we are talking about. The show Wednesday gives new life to the American 1991 supernatural black comedy film Addams Family. 

The show has received numerous positive reviews since its release, and social media users have fallen head over heels for Jenna. In her role as Wednesday, Jenna is seen wearing a soft goth look that many tried to recreate.

However, lucky us, hair and makeup designer Tara McDonald has shared all of the secrets behind Wednesday’s iconic look. So let’s dive right in and see what products she used. 


In the series, you can see Jenna wearing a deep wine-colored lip. However, the lip color isn’t completely opaque, so instead of looking like she is wearing full-on lipstick, Wednesday looks more like she just naturally has darker pigmented lips that are in a beautiful contrast with her skin tone.

To the look, McDonald applied MAC’s Lip Pencil in Nightmoth mixed with clear balm. MAC describes the color Nightmoth as a very cool-toned, dark burgundy with a matte finish. The lip liner retails for $17.50. However, there are numerous cheaper dupes available as well. Like NYX’s lip pencil in the shade Currant. 

To achieve the softly blurred lip look, mix the lip liner with a little bit of lip balm in a makeup pot and dab it onto your lips. The results will look natural while still giving you that vampy look. 

LOS ANGELES, CA. October 01, 2018: Jenna Ortega at the world premiere for “Venom” at the Regency Village Theatre. Picture: Paul Smith/Featureflash

Face Makeup

When watching the show, you can’t help but notice Wednesday’s sallow complexion and craved cheekbones. However, not all of us were blessed with cheekbones as sharp as knives. 

Jenna’s face always looks natural in the series, and her makeup artist also revealed that she opted for skin tints instead of full-coverage foundations. She wanted Jenna’s natural skin texture to peek through. 

Even Jenna needed some help with her cheekbones! Turns out that her makeup artist used MAC Cosmetics’ Sculpting Powder in shades Sculpt and Shadowy to give her sharper and more prominent cheekbones. You can use whatever cool-toned contour powder you have.

Eye Look

Last but not least we have Wednesday’s piercing eye look. The soft goth smokey eye look only further enhanced the fact that Jenna pretty much never blinked during the whole series. 

To get the look, you will need three eyeshadow colors — a warm brown, a true black, and a dark gray with a metallic finish. 

Start the look off by blending the warm brown eyeshadow shade onto your whole eyelid and crease. Apply a small amount to your undereye as well.

Next, use the black shade underneath the eye, to add some more depth and dimension to the look. And lastly, take the dark gray shadow and swipe it onto your upper lash line for that smokey look.

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