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Once a glam girl, always a glam girl!

With a background in the entertainment industry, Katarina has gained experience in every aspect of media and show business, which led her to found KVD Brand Inc. in 2012. As a former model and beauty expert, she has worked with dozens of Hollywood celebrities and is often a judge of model searches and beauty pageants around the world. Katarina has appeared on the cover of over 60 magazines worldwide and has been profiled on over 600 major media outlets including CNN, FOX, and NBC. She has appear in 17 national and international TV commercials such as Nike, Dodge Ram, and Coors Light, as well as in music videos for international stars such as Dorothy, Tito Jackson and Andy Madadian. Most recently, she played in the movie Unbelievable!!!!! and the 7x award winning movie Crypto Heads.

KAT lash, the right amount of lash

KAT Lash is inspired by the classic beauties Katarina has worked with as a beauty specialist in Hollywood. She created KAT Lash to provide every woman with the right amount of lash that will enhance her natural beauty. Shop KAT lash on https://glamourgarden.com


KVD Brand Inc.

KVD Brand was founded to bring progressive luxury, fashion trends, ethical beauty, travel experiences, and a healthy lifestyle to every woman. Through our media properties, we inspire and inform our audience while connecting them with unique experiences, products, and opportunities. Through our beauty products, we deliver ethically sourced, high-quality products that enhance our customers’ every-day lifestyle experience. Through our custom content services, we develop highly-engaging experiences for our audiences.
Live glamorous. Live ethically. Live inspired.

Beauty and Style Specialist

Katarina is an advocate of compassionate living while also believing that everyone can live a luxurious lifestyle with minimal harm done to the environment. Katarina is a vegetarian/vegan since 1994.