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Adele’s Hairstylist Revealed The Biggest Secret Behind Her Perfect Mane

Adele has been making headlines for months now. At first, she surprised everyone with her dramatic weight loss. Then, the famous singer blessed all of us with an amazing new album. And now, we just can’t get enough of her classy and sophisticated beauty looks.

Adele’s hair has truly never looked better, and it’s no surprise that so many people want to know how the singer achieves such glamorous and soft waves. But lucky for us, her hairstylist recently decided to spill all of her hair secrets! 

It’s all in the volume 

In case you didn’t know, Adele and Kim Kardashian actually share the same hairstylist. In fact, their hair stylist, Sami Knight, also works with other A-list celebrities, such as Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, and Lily-Rose Depp. It comes as no surprise that the hair game of all of these ladies is always on point. So Sami definitely knows what he is talking about. 

He revealed that his number one priority is keeping the hair as healthy as possible: “For me keeping the integrity and health of the hair is always priority number one. If your hair is in bad shape, it’s going to show. The more damaged it is, the more it has to be fixed with extensions, hair pieces, and clip-ins. Good strong hair is the best foundation.”

So before you attempt to recreate any of Adele’s glamorous hairstyles, make sure that your hair is in a good state. It isn’t all about just looking good. Your hair has to feel good and healthy as well. 

Products are everything 

However, even the healthiest hair needs some styling. Knight loves to add a lot of volume to his clients’ hair, and he achieves that by adding mousse. “I almost always prepare hair with a volume mousse or spray and blow dry that in to give the hair some grit. This is especially important on extra silky hair to give some stickiness that makes the style hold all night.”

If you struggle with keeping your hairstyle in place, Sami suggests allowing the hair to cool down after heat styling it: “If you’re wearing your hair down in curls, make sure you let the curls really set in, give the hair time to heat up, and to cool down. The style is set in the cooling of the shape, just as much as the heating up – both are important.”

Last but not least, make sure you finish the look off with some hairspray. But for that signature Hollywood waves look, you have to take it easy while spraying. Remember that less is more. Sami said: “For finishing, hairspray is a must, I tend to build hairspray up in layers for the best hold. Don’t spray one whole can all over your style in one go, use several lighter layers, and let them dry in between. This will last much longer, and it won’t flake, or take away any of your natural shine. It’s also much easier to brush out, when you finally head to bed.”

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