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Alpine Blonde Is The Perfect Hair Color Trend For Winter 

Cool-toned colors are a huge trend at the moment. We see them everywhere, from fashion to makeup. Cool pinks and icy blues are everywhere, from winter outfits to creative eyeshadow looks. However, cool tones are also getting more and more popular when it comes to hair colors! If you ever wanted to look like an ice queen, then 2023 has some great news for you. Because the hottest hair color for this winter season is called alpine blonde

What is alpine blonde?

Let’s make things clear — we’re perfectly aware of the fact that icy blondes are nothing new. However, alpine blonde is much more than a simple cool-toned blonde color. The idea is to look like a stunning and rich Swiss woman skiing in the Alps. You probably know what we are talking about — that chic, sophisticated, and wildly expensive-looking aesthetic. 

How to get the look?

But how to get that hair look if you are not a natural blonde who spends all of her summer in luxurious hotels and exotic beaches? The answer is easy — with a lot of commitment. Icy blonds are by no means low-maintenance. Especially if you are starting with darker hair.

It often takes multiple sessions and a lot of high-quality skincare products in between. The alpine blonde color is often also combined with darker roots that will make the look appear a little more approachable and worn. This could also extend your time between appointments at the salon.

Just ensure that your hairstylist adds a couple of face-framing icy highlights around your face. Toning the hair is probably the most important step to achieving this color. This will neutralize the yellow and brassy tones, and give you that true frosty alpine blonde look. 

How to maintain the color? 

The most important step when it comes to maintaining an icy blonde color is using purple shampoo. The purple color pigments will neutralize any warm tones and bring the frostiness of your hair color back to life. 

However, it’s also important to not overdo it. You still want your hair to look blonde, and not gray. A purple shampoo will be more than enough for this step. Don’t waste your money on purple conditioners and hair masks, as they won’t add anything more to your color.

Instead of that, rather invest in restorative hair masks. It’s no secret that bleach damages our hair, so if you want to keep your hair long and healthy even after bleaching it, you will have to step up your haircare routine.

Bond-building haircare products, deep conditioning masks, and hydrating hair oils will be your best friend. However, even with the best efforts, it can be a bit tricky to keep bleached hair in good condition. That’s why you have to also make sure that you are trimming it regularly.

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