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The Benefits of Trying Out “Skin Cycling,” One of Tiktok’s Latest Beauty Trends

One of today’s most popular beauty trends is skin cycling. In fact, you can see praises about this practice on Tiktok and other social media platforms. One reason is that it encourages people to use skincare products sparingly and carefully. To be specific, this practice involves rotating your beauty ingredients so that your skin can heal. As a result, your skin care regimen will work better. So, what are the benefits of skin cycling? 

What is Skin Cycling 

Skin cycling was introduced by Dr. Whitney Bowe, a reputable dermatologist. It is a practice that involves rotating your skincare products to prevent irritation and other skin problems. 

In skin cycling, you will switch out the different products in your beauty routine in a four-day cycle. Afterward, you will give your skin about two days to heal before repeating the cycle. During this time, you can apply your favorite moisturizer. 

The Benefits of Skin Cycling

1.     Beginner-Friendly 

Today, many people have skincare routines that are quite complex. Aside from the usual cleanser and moisturizers, they also use other beauty products with active ingredients. Unfortunately, these chemicals may cause skin problems, especially when used improperly. 

The good news is that skin cycling is simple and beginner-friendly. In fact, this practice is recommended for those who don’t know anything about active ingredients. Plus, you can avoid super strong chemicals or over-exfoliating your skin when you follow this trendy routine. 

2.    Allows You to Safely Add Active Ingredients into Your Routine

One of the top benefits of skin cycling is that it allows you to safely add active ingredients to your beauty routine. As mentioned, several active ingredients can boost the effects of your beauty products. However, most of these chemicals, like retinol and chemical exfoliants, are potent. As such, you have to give your skin some time to get used to them. 

Through skin cycling, you can introduce active ingredients safely. Remember, this practice allows your skin to recover for a few days. As such, your skin can adjust without experiencing undesirable effects. 

3.     Protects the Skin Barrier 

Finally, the last on this list of benefits of skin cycling is protecting your skin barrier. Keep in mind that your skin barrier is key to your skin’s health. Unfortunately, we do things that can damage it, including over-exfoliation. 

Skin cycling can help prevent damage to your skin carrier by helping you create a consistent routine and avoid exfoliating too much. As a result, your skin will look young, radiant, and healthy. 

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