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Camila Cabello’s Honey Blonde Wolf Cut Will Be The Biggest Hair Trend For Spring

Camila Cabello has been in the news recently. However, probably not for reasons that she would have liked. First, it was her unique interpretation of the classic Christmas song “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, and later it was the fact that her ex-boyfriend started dating his considerably older chiropractor.

But Camila knew the secret to make everyone forget about these not-so-desirable headlines — getting a new and trendy haircut that will get people talking. 

Even though most of us know the singer for her long and dark locks, Camila decided to completely transform her hair, and not only drastically change her hair color, but also her haircut. 

Instead of the usual dark and messy ‘do that the singer is known for, she now rocks a honey-blonde wolf cut. And it couldn’t suit her more! The singer looks slightly more mature, but also a lot more sophisticated and like a true boss babe.

What is a wolf cut? 

The wolf cut has been a trending hairstyle for the last couple of years. There was even a trend going around TikTok and other social media platforms where people attempted to cut their hair to this style, simply by putting their hair up in a high ponytail and cutting the ends that were sticking out. Needless to say, we wouldn’t recommend trying this out at home. 

If you decide to get a wolf cut, then definitely do it at a hair salon that you can trust. While the results are supposed to look a bit messy, you still don’t want to end up looking like Joe Exotic.

A wolf cut can be described as a mixture between a shag haircut and a mullet. Generally, it is best suited for longer hair. It featured shorter choppy layers of hair on the top of your head and longer layers around the sides and back. This look is supposed to give your hair a lot of volume and dimension.

There are also many different variations of this haircut. Looking at a recent picture of Camila Cabello, you will notice that her layers are pretty soft and not as choppy. The look also features curtain bangs, which suit Camila’s face perfectly. Your best option would be to discuss with your hairstylist what variation of the wolf cut would be best suited for your hair type. 

Honey blonde

As we have already mentioned, besides the new haircut, the famous singer also decided to change her hair color. And while the result is a bit unusual, we have to admit that Camila looks stunning even with lighter hair! 

Instead of one solid color, she decided to add dimension to her hair with the help of highlights. While her base color can still be considered brunette, the numerous blonde highlights give her hair that honey-blonde tone. Her hairstylist also made sure to add a few highlights around her face, to blend everything in, and add even more dimension. 

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