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The type of brush we should use depends largely on the type of our hair and the hairstyle that we want to create. Hair is fragile, and breakage mostly commonly happens when we brush our hair too aggressively or with the wrong hairbrush. This is especially true when the hair is still wet and therefore in its most delicate state. If you’re still on the lookout for the best hairbrush for your hair type, here is our hairbrushes 101 guide.

The newest season of “Emily in Paris” is here, and with it we also have a hairstyle comeback — blunt bangs. No more curtain bangs, if you want to be on trend for this season, it’s time to be bold. Lily Collins is bringing back bangs, and it all has to do with her role as Emily and her on-again off-again relationship/affair with her hot downstairs neighbor. 

Cool-toned colors are a huge trend at the moment. We see them everywhere, from fashion to makeup. Cool pinks and icy blues are everywhere, from winter outfits to creative eyeshadow looks. However, cool tones are also getting more and more popular when it comes to hair colors! If you ever wanted to look like an ice queen, then 2023 has some great news for you. Because the hottest hair color for this winter season is called alpine blonde