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Crossbody Bags: Classic Bag Trends Over The Past Decade

Bags have been an essential style staple for a long decade, and no matter what kind of bag you choose, be it a crossbody bag, an oversized tote bag, or a sling bag, you can rarely leave a house. However, the most popular bags change with time and also with needs. Some prefer to carry handbags according to the current trend to follow the fast fashion trend, while others prefer to buy bags depending on their needs and usage. However, some bags can be helpful and stylish at the same time. With the changing decade, the demand for different categories of bags is increasing immensely, which gives rise to fast fashion, which means using low-quality fabrics for manufacturing bags in bulk to fulfill the demand. 

Animal cruelty and environmental pollution

However, with lifestyle changes, people have soon realized that animal cruelty and environmental pollution are causing harm to society and also their livelihood, which brings vegan fashion into the spotlight. Previously, people were only concerned about a vegan lifestyle that included a vegan diet, but soon they shifted their preferences to buying vegan products. As the popularity of vegan fashion increased, fashion brands started to manufacture cruelty-free designer bags such as LUNA bags. And today, most of the population has chosen to buy only vegan products, whether clothes, shoes, or other accessories. In addition, to become an actual vegan person, people search for vegan designer bags to contribute to saving animals and the planet by opting for handbags made of plants and their by-products. 

In this article, we will discuss crossbody bags and see how these bags have become a significant trend over the past decade. 

What is a crossbody bag?

A crossbody bag is carried diagonally across the body, so the pouch rests right by your hip. It is among the most versatile items of the casual chic couture and has now become a must-have. However, it can be elevated to being a piece that holds the key to defining your style. A crossbody bag is one style that comes in a wide variety of sizes with the single commonality of the strap across the body, which is much loved. If we consider the safety concerns, crossbody bags have safety elements because they are much harder for thieves to snatch when compared to handbags that are carried over one shoulder. Back in 2011, there was a tiny popularity in this practical handbag, but by 2021, they were ranking high as one of the most popular bag stylings in the market. 

What makes the crossbody bag a timeless accessory?

The stylish crossbody bag incurs its design to a vast history timeline, from the Romans and the Greeks to the industrial revolution. But if we go deep down the history, crossbody bags were initially popularized by the advent of railways. Mail carriers began using an item that can reasonably be called the ancestor of crossbody, the utility bag. With long railway travel, the ladies also delve into easy access and compact accessories. 

Crossbody bags can be an accessory to be slung across for a coffee date and worn for cocktail nights. The shoulder strap design that smoothly goes across the body with the bag section resting by the waist has also been inspired by military pouches and map case bags. However, the crossbody bag’s venture into haute couture and designer luxury strangely crossed wires with the 1950 fashion venture into messenger-style bags and shoulder straps. But what makes this simple piece an essential item in any wardrobe? The bag’s versatility allows it to pair with sneakers and stilettos. Moreover, the bag is easy to use and carry, making it a timeless accessory. 

What to look for in a perfect crossbody bag?

A perfect crossbody bag should be stylish and functional, and it must have enough space to carry all your important stuff but not be so big that it becomes difficult for you to take and hold it. Plus, it must have secure compartments to keep your essentials safe. Moreover, the strap should be adjustable so that you can wear it according to the length of your body. This means the significant parameters you should look at before selecting a suitable crossbody bag are- size, material, and strap.


In terms of material, the crossbody bags come in various fabrics, including faux leather, waxed canvas, and many more. And each of these fabrics can be adapted into personal wardrobes and fashion mood boards. While choosing your preferred material, it is necessary to keep in mind certain elements, like its cleaning and maintenance requirements and other factors.


A medium-sized crossbody bag is perfect because it bridges the line between compact minimalist chic and functionality. This is why a large crossbody is the preferred hands-free complement to an essential wardrobe aesthetic and is a favorite among college students. With a delegated compartment for your mobile, lipstick, wallet, sunglasses, and other essentials, you can get the additional luxury of a compact book or a tablet. 


Adjustable straps, metal links, and detachable functionality will prescribe your choice of strap. However, depending on the length you use and your purpose, you can select a belt that fits your requirements. However, broader and more reliable straps are suggested for more extended and daily use.

The problem with one-shoulder handbags

The crossbody bag gets a bad reputation for becoming a pain in the neck and shoulders that carry it. Worn across the body, the uneven weight distribution on one shoulder creates an imbalance. However, correctly wearing a crossbody is quite challenging, and some people do not master this art. 

The strap should be adjusted to an ideal length according to your height, with the bag resting on your hips. However, a long and adjustable strap that is thick enough to divide the weight evenly should go a long way in maintaining the balance. Moreover, as you follow your lifestyle with the modern fashion trends, you do not want the strap to make your fit look too messy or bulky. That’s why practicality is the key for everyday users, and some sacrifices to style are undeniable. 

Final Thoughts

Crossbody bags have been in fashion since the ’90s; from then, the bags have gained popularity and hit the list of favorites collection. The bag has a unique design that offers enough space to keep all your essentials safe and handy. Moreover, the crossbody bag is not gender fluid; even males find the bag functional and fashionable. In the above blog, we have discussed crossbody bags’ features and how they have become a fashion statement in the current scenario. 

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