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These Are The Skincare Rules That Dua Lipa Swears By

Dua Lipa is one of those people who just have it all. Besides being unbelievably talented, the Albanian singer is also blessed with undeniable beauty. No matter if she has full glam makeup on, or she just has a drop of mascara on her face, Dua always looks absolutely flawless. And while she can thank her ridiculously good-looking parents for that, the singer also reveals that she never slacks on her skincare routine either.

Dua Lipa’s beauty secrets

The “New Rules” singer is always on the go. From touring to changing the political scene of Kosovo, Dua Lipa is always on the go. But no matter how busy she may be, she always tries to be consistent with her skincare routine.

In a recent interview for Allure, the singer revealed: “I try to not wear makeup as much as I can. I need to give my skin a break. I guess it was always important for me to take my makeup off before bed, but now, it’s like to a whole ‘another level.”

She also revealed that she takes every opportunity that she has for her skincare rituals. Dua would even do her routine on planes if she had to. From face masks to steaming, she will take the time she has to spend on a flight to take of her skin. She likes to rely on basic products, like “eye cream, face cream, face mist, [and] oils”.

Keep it simple

Dua Lipa knows that the base of any skincare routine is a cleansed face. The singer revealed “I wash my make-up off every night, then use a cream cleanser and apply a probiotic serum and face cream. In the mornings, I use the cream cleanser again followed by a niacinamide serum, then moisturizer and SPF”. While this routine is super simple, it’s more than enough to keep the skin clean, healthy, and radiant.

Never skip SPF

Even though Dua was blessed with amazing Albanian skin that isn’t prone to sunburns, she still realizes just how important SPF is. The singer revealed that this is the one product in her morning routine that she would never skip. “I used to use it but never every day. I get the importance of it when I’m in the sun, but now I’m trying to take care of my skin so I wear it all the time”, she said. So if you are running late in the morning, and don’t have time for a full routine, just wash your face with water and apply a generous amount of sunscreen.

She also loves facial treatments 

From time to time, the “Love Again” singer also likes to treat herself with a facial treatment. Her schedule is pretty busy, but whenever she finds herself in London, the singer visits a place called Pfeffer Sal. Sometimes she will even opt for special treatments like lasers or micro-needling. “My skin felt sunburnt for two days but, by the third, I had really good ‘baby skin,’ it lasted for a few days, but then went back to normal,” she said.

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