Hello to all the beauties (and possibly handsome men) out there! If you follow VIVA GLAM Magazine on our social media, then you know that our summer was more than thrilling.

First, we went to Cancun to the beautiful Grand Oasis Spa and Resort where we shot a new reality TV show, “Swimsuit Centerfold”. We will be releasing the first special edition, The Swimsuit Edition, early next year.

Katarina Van Derham Angelica Curiel

Just a few days after we came back, we were off to Costa Rica where we shot our fashion story “Viva Vixen” which you can find in this issue. This is the third time we shot Pamela Francesca who is beyond joy to work with. Read about Costa Rica in the Travel section of this issue. Costa Rica has changed a lot within the past decade and we were pleasantly surprised to see the positive change. We even found vegan food in their grocery store!!!


Our next trip took Angelica Curiel, Holley Wolfe and myself to Europe. Our first stop was London, where we shot a promo video for the company. The Four Seasons Hotel was very good to us and we enjoyed our stay. Our next stop was Paris. Ahhhhh, this was my first time in this fashion forward city and I can’t wait to go back. Then, we flew to Sardinia where we stayed for a couple of nights. I love this part of the world with good people and beautiful nature. After Sardinia we jumped on a yacht and sailed the coast of the South of France: Monte Carlo, Cannes and Saint Tropez. Saint Tropez was the first time I regretted not bringing a photographer with us. Since VIVA GLAM is a self-sustainable unit, what did I do? I grabbed my Canon Rebel camera, had Angelica do Holley’s hair and here comes a 16 page editorial, “La Parisienne”, which you can find in this issue. I’ve never shot anyone before, so I feel my first time turned out pretty good. But I’ll let YOU be the judge.

Holley Wolfe Katarina Van Derham VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE

Our beautiful cover story with Joanna Krupa was shot by Deja Jordan in Calabasas, California. Joanna is also such a joy to work with and we were happy she made time for us.


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I hope you enjoy this issue. I want you to feel good when you close it. And if you do, it served its purpose. Let me know, I’d like to know!

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Love & Light!