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GoMerch X Katarina Van Derham

GoMerch creates unique merchandise for some of the biggest names in Slovakia and Czechia. Some of their top female talents include actress and model Simona Krainova, influencer Veronica Biasiol and actress Katarina Van Derham.

The company offers an opportunity to create a series of products tailored to creators’ individual needs to meet their expectations. Merchandise production is here for all youtubers, musicians, artists, and bloggers – in short for anyone who wants to create his or her own clothing collection and other products for their fans and followers.

The one-stop-shop operates on a „Zero effort revenue“ model, which means that they take care of everything from designing, manufacturing, or delivering final product to the end customer, without any upfront costs. Now, that’s a deal!

Their stellar graphic design team has also helped to create Katarina Van Derham’s collection inspired by California in the 1990s. The number one TV show of the ’90s – Baywatch has influenced Katarina to come to California to live the American Dream. Her collection of hoodies and hats is intended to help manifest the life one has dreamed of.



While supporting a favorite artist is an act of kindness, doing so also helps some of the animal charities. GoMerch has so far donated over 15,000 euros.