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Hailey Bieber’s Blush Hack Will Give You The Best Cheeks Of Your Life 

It seems like Hailey Bieber has been ruling the beauty industry lately. Whatever she touches turns to gold. From her constantly sold out skincare line, to her numerous “glazed donut” trends. But like it or not, you have to admit that the model always looks absolutely flawless. 

That’s why I never waste time with trying out any new beauty hacks or products that she shares with her followers on TikTok or Instagram. And the last thing that sparked my curiosity is her simple but genius trick for blush.

The secret hack

You know how Hailey always looks like she isn’t even wearing makeup? She just looks like she came right out of a spa center, got 12 hours of sleep, and had her eyebrows laminated. Even with her red carpet looks, it’s just never too much.

So if you want some makeup inspo for your no-makeup makeup look, then look no further than Hailey Bieber. Considering the fact that she bas been in the industry for years, and that she has been around numerous makeup artist, it’s safe to assume that she knows a thing or two about makeup.

But what is that secret blush hack that everyone seems to be talking about. Well, in one of her latest YouTube videos, Bieber revealed that she mixes her cream blush with face cream to give her more of an natural look. Genius, right? 

This hack always makes sure that Hailey’s skin is glowing, and like her cheeks naturally have that light pink color. Naturally, I had to try this hack out myself. Once I did, I knew that I was never going back. 

How to recreate the look 

I have to simp over Hailey a little bit more. Obviously, I would blindly take any beauty advice that she gives hoping that it will make me resemble her at least the tiniest bit. But all jokes aside, this hack is really worth the try.

I’m a pretty minimal makeup type of gal myself. And I have to admit, bright blush colors combined with minimal makeup sometimes can look a little bit wild. Especially if you apply a bit too much. Considering the fact that blushes nowadays are packed with pigment, you can easily end up looking like you have an allergic reaction.

But that’s where Hailey’s blush hack finally comes into play. In the video, Hailey mixed her blush with face cream, which gave it more of a sheer finish. But on top of sheering the color out, it also makes sure that the blush is easier to blend out and build up. Your skin will end up looking dewy, light-reflective, and your cheeks will be sculpted and flushed. And all of that while looking like you are wearing minimal makeup.

Hailey didn’t gatekeep the products she used either. It will come as no surprise to you that the face cream Bieber used is the one from her own brand, Rhode Skin. Unfortunately, her whole skincare line has been sold out for months now, so getting your hands on this moisturizer might be a bit tricky. As for the blush, Hailey used the Lip and Cheek Stick from Milk Makeup in the shade Red Moon.

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