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Hairbrushes 101: How To Choose The Right One For Your Hair Type

The type of brush we should use depends largely on the type of our hair and the hairstyle that we want to create. Hair is fragile, and breakage mostly commonly happens when we brush our hair too aggressively or with the wrong hairbrush. This is especially true when the hair is still wet and therefore in its most delicate state. If you’re still on the lookout for the best hairbrush for your hair type, here is our hairbrushes 101 guide.


Before delving deeper into the anatomy of brushes, let’s have a quick word about combs. The distance between each tooth will tell you what kind of hair a certain type of comb is best for. For ladies with curls who do not brush their hair beyond the shower, wide tooth combs are a great choice because they will keep your curls in place. If you don’t have curly hair, you can choose combs with less space between each tooth. They are great for combing your hair while it’s still wet, or after styling it with a curling iron.

Classic cushion brush

This will always be a great option for most hair types. If you invest in a good quality classic cushion brush, you’ll be able to do pretty much anything with it — styling, smoothing, and detangling. They work best for people with straight or wavy hair, but could be a bit too harsh for people with curls. Just make sure that the bristles are flexible and ball-tipped. 

Cashmere Hair brush

Detangling brushes

This is my personal favorite. Detangling brushes are specifically made to detangle the hair. They are gentle enough to be used even when your hair is wet. Anyone who has fine hair knows how easily it tangles. Especially after shampooing it. So a detangling brush will be a true lifesaver if you have issues with brushing your hair out after wash day. I love to use my detangling brush while I’m still in the shower, right after I have applied a generous amount of conditioner.

Round brushes

Round brushes are probably the most effective brushes for hair styling. But as popular and common as they are, there are so many variations out there that it can get a bit confusing. If you like to blow dry your hair, you will need a round brush. But let’s see which one you should choose.

First, you have the option between nylon and natural bristles. Needless to say, I would recommend choosing a brush with nylon bristles. They are vegan, have a better grip on the hair, and they are usually less expensive as well.

The second thing that you’ll have to decide is the size of your round brush. This will depend on the length of your hair, but also the look that you are going for. Larger round brushes are used for that classic blow-dry look, and they will work best on medium to long hair.

If you want to add a little bit of curl to your ends, then opt for a medium-sized round brush. But if your hair is on the shorter side, or you have some short layers in your hair, then go for a smaller round brush. Keep in mind that you have to wrap the hair strands around the brush several times. So you don’t want to choose a brush that is too big for your hair length. 

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