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How to Sync Your Exercises to Your Menstrual Cycle?

Women undergo different menstrual phases that may affect their performance. For instance, you may feel less energized before your period and more energized after your menstruation. For this reason, experts recommend learning how to sync your exercises to get periods benefits, including stress management, performance improvement, and many more. So, here are some tips for syncing your workouts to your menstrual cycle. 

What is Cycle Syncing? 

Cycle syncing is a practice wherein women align their lifestyle, workouts, and eating habits with the different phases of the menstrual cycle. With this method, they can balance their hormones by supporting their body’s needs. As a result, they can reduce symptoms like acne, painful periods, and PMS. 

Cycle syncing your exercises or workouts can also benefit your body. As you know, the female body reacts differently to exercises because of hormone fluctuations that occur during the menstrual cycle. By matching the intensity of your workout to your menstrual phase, you can gain the following benefits: 

  • Build lean muscle efficiently
  • Burn more fat
  • Increase metabolism
  • Avoid burnout 
  • Reduce symptoms of hormone imbalance

Tips for Syncing Your Workouts to Your Menstrual Cycle 

Track Your Period 

The first step for cycle syncing your workouts is to learn how to track your period. Remember, you have to understand which menstrual phase you’re currently in to determine which workout is best for that phase. You can use a menstrual cycle tracking app to help you track and understand your menstrual cycle

Switch Your Workouts Based On Your Menstrual Phase

One of the best tips for syncing your workouts to your menstrual cycle is to learn how to switch exercises based on your menstrual phase. Remember, your energy levels will be affected by each menstrual phase. For instance, experts recommend gentle exercises, like yoga, during the latter half of your luteal phase. The reason is that high-intensity workouts can cause too much stress on your body. 

When planning a workout routine based on your menstrual phase, you don’t have to do everything at once. You can start small and add more once you’ve learned how to cycle sync your workouts. 


Listen to Your Body 

Finally, the last tip for syncing your workouts based on your menstrual cycle is to listen to your body. Remember, your body knows what it needs. As such, you have to consider how you feel first. 

A body check when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night is the simplest way to listen to your body. For example, you can check how you feel when you wake up. You can skip your planned workout if you’re feeling less energized. You can also sleep an hour before your usual bedtime to give your body more time to rest and recharge. 


Cycle syncing your workouts can offer several benefits. Even so, experts recommend checking if it feels right for you. From there, you can start small to avoid overwhelming your body. Once you understand your body, you can avoid grueling workouts when it needs more rest to recharge and recover. It all starts with knowing and understanding the different menstrual phases and how they affect your body.

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