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Julia Fox Spoke About Anti-Aging, And The Whole Internet Went Wild

If there is one positive thing that 2022 has brought us then it’s the internet presence of Julia Fox. I have never seen a celebrity redeem themselves on social media as successfully as Fox.

After her one-month relationship with Kanye West, and gaining a significant following on TikTok, the 32-year-old keeps us updated on her everyday activities, random thoughts, honest opinions about other celebrities, and even details about her relationship with West.

But one video that the content creator posted on her TikTok account recently received a lot of backlashes. In the clip, Julia revealed her honest thoughts about anti-aging products, and the internet went completely wild.

The video in question

The video started pretty harmlessly. We see Julia in her home, with her signature bleached brows. But then, she started to explain: “If I see another product that says anti-aging on the label, I’m suing. I’m going to sue because I’m gonna age regardless of if I put the fucking $500 serum on my face. And you all fucking know it, and we know it, so let’s stop lying to ourselves. Getting old is fucking hot. It is sexy.”

Besides her hate for anti-aging products, Fox also revealed that she felt unbelievable pressure once she turned 27. She explained: “I was such a tyrant about it because I wanted the day to pass and just have it be… I don’t want to draw attention to the fact that I’m 27,” she recalled.

While the actress can’t legally sue everyone who uses the term “anti-aging”, it isn’t too hard to understand where she is coming from. Especially when it comes to that part about feeling additional pressure once you officially hit your late twenties.

However, as hard as it is to accept the fact that time doesn’t slow down for everyone, a lot of people had the feeling that Julia desperately needs a reality check. And it had nothing to do with the fact that she refuses to use anti-aging serums.

What was the issue?

After reading what Julia Fox had to say, you might be wondering what the whole issue is about. Well, the internet mainly had a problem with the 32-year-old actress saying that “getting old is hot.” Because for starters, 32 cannot be considered old. Not even on TikTok, where the average age seems to be 18.

However, we will have to note that Fox never claimed that she is old. She was just protesting the idea that we should do whatever is in our power to fight aging.

After all, all of us have to remember that getting old is a privilege. Unfortunately, not all of us will be blessed with that privilege. So embracing the candles on our birthday cakes definitely is a wonderful thing to do.

However, on the other hand, there is nothing negative about wanting to look good, even after reaching a certain age. It’s about aging gracefully, and not about doing everything that we can to stop time.

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