Interview by Christine Andreu

Katarina  is a woman with many talents, she models and acts, is founder of VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE and is a proud advocate for animals. Her international success is obvious; the numbers behind her successes don’t lie. In our exclusive Q&A, meet the woman behind the beautiful smile and lovely tresses.

21 = National and international print and TV commercial appearances.

60 = Front cover magazines worldwide.

600 = Starred in major media outlets, including the Time Square Jumbotron, CNN, FOX, and NBC.


1. My philosophy in life is: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

2. The actress that I looked up as a teen was Sigourney Weaver because I was obsessed with the 1979 horror movie, “Alien”. I wanted to be like her… fearless, strong and powerful. Later it was Pamela Anderson because she was just so cute, sexy and bubbly.

3. I believe my purpose is to live my life to the fullest potential and help as many species as possible.


4. My favorite part of working onthe Unbelievable!!!!! film was that I was allowed to bring my character Cheryl to life the way I envisioned. But also the level of professionalism of the whole production, cast and crew made this experience for me simply unforgettable. Everyone should watch the film because one will never see 40+ original Star Trek actors in another sci-fi parody again.


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Photo: Deja Jordan
Styling: Sean Panella
Location: rMIT residence, Rancho Mirage