On April 26, 2018 Katarina and her team headed to Tucson, Arizona to plant an oasis in the desert on ‘The Morning Blend’ television show. Host, Tina Jennings talked to the ladies about ‘Glamour Garden’ and ‘Kat Lash’ and all things beauty from the expert.

Katarina arrived in ole Hollywood charm talking about her time in front of the camera and behind the camera. From helping models to becoming a celebrity make-up she is now passing on her knowledge to all women. In making ‘Kat Lash’ she wanted to create a cruelty free line of just the right amount of lash. In ‘Glamour Garden’ lipsticks she set out to create a set of lipsticks for all tones. Wanted to help women draw attention to the two most important features on your face.

Katarina wants all women to feel beautiful. So pull up a chair and let us tell you a make-up story.………..

Tina: What inspired you to come up with ‘Glamour Garden’ cosmetics?

Katarina: I used to model in Los Angeles and I always ended up having to fix many models and actresses make-up while we were on set shooting for clients. Lots of times they were not happy with their make-up and so I slowly transitioned into doing make-up for other models and then I started working on celebrities. But, my true passion was to always share my beauty gifts and skills with way more women.

Katarina says “I think the lips and lashes are the key two features on a women’s face. We look at people with our eyes and when we talk we use our mouth. It is very important to line your mouth and accentuate these two features. I have watched as women struggle with their make-up and my products are here to help make both of those features pop.”

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