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Kate Moss’s Signature Fragrance Hydrates The Skin, Smells Delicious, And Gives A Gorgeous Glow

If you are a fan of Kate Moss, you probably already know that the famous supermodel has her own fragrance that was launched in 2007. However, Moss didn’t shy away from admitting that this actually isn’t her signature scent. In a recent video the model did for Vogue, called “What’s in My Bag,” Kate shared some of her beauty favorites, and amongst them was her favorite perfume of all time. 

The perfume that Kate uses is called Clarins Eau Dynamisante. But her signature scent doesn’t only smell great, it has some surprising additional benefits as well. While most perfumes use alcohol, which can dry out the skin, this formula is unique in that it makes you smell great while moisturizing, firming, and toning the skin. With a range of essential oils – including patchouli, ginseng, white tea, and lemon – it also has aromatherapeutic benefits.

A favorite among chic French women, it’s great for travel, holidays, and lifting your mood during the day. Kate revealed it’s long been a part of her beauty routine: “My mum used to wear it – it’s my go-to perfume. So refreshing.” she says. The perfume features notes of lemon, orange, and rosemary, making it a great option for every day.

The reviews on Fragrnatica are pretty promising as well, with one user writing: “I got this because Kate Moss keeps one in her purse. It did not disappoint. It is exactly how you’d imagine chic, beautiful people would smell.”

Kate Moss’s low-maintenance beauty routine

The supermodel is known for keeping her beauty routine pretty minimal. In her Vogue “Beauty Secrets” video, she revealed that she doesn’t enjoy going all out when it comes to skin and makeup. However, there are some beauty tricks that she lives by. 

For instance, Moss admitted that she doesn’t leave the house without sunscreen. And the one person who made her realize how important SPF is was actually her daughter. The model said: “My daughter tells me off all the time. ‘Mommy, you have to wear sunscreen.’ I do know it’s important.” 

When it comes to daytime makeup, Kate likes to keep things as simple as possible. She once revealed: “I’d have to say I’m not very high-maintenance when it comes to doing my own makeup. During the day, I keep it pretty basic.” For her everyday look, the model prefers to stick to concealer and mascara. 

While her beauty routine does seem to be very minimal, Kate is definitely doing something right. The 48-year-old model is still walking on runways and inspiring designers with her undeniable beauty and elegance. And even if the fragrance she uses isn’t your cup of tea, at least let her inspire you to not forget about your sunscreen.

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