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Lizzo Casually Dropped Her After-Concert Skincare Routine 

I have to admit something slightly embarrassing. I’m obsessed with finding out what the skincare routines of different celebrities look like. I just can’t help it! It’s so interesting to get an idea about what they use on their faces in their free time, and if they actually have some knowledge about skin and skincare.

And I have to be honest — most of them don’t. In my opinion, a lot of celebrities just blindly use the skincare products that their dermatologist or cosmetologist recommends. They don’t care too much about ingredients or the way in which any of those products works. 

But who could judge them for that? I don’t have the means to visit a dermatologist every week and try out medical-grade skincare. Instead, I turn and learn the ingredients of each product, and try to figure out what does and what doesn’t work for me.

So it’s no wonder that whenever I notice a celebrity knowing what they are talking about, I fangirl for a moment. And the latest celebrity that evoked that emotion in me was Lizzo. 

Lizzo’s skincare routine

If Lizzo, the Grammy-winning actor-singer-songwriter isn’t too busy to do her nighttime skincare routine, then neither are you. 

The singer recently shared her complete after-concert skincare routine with her TikTok followers. In the video, Lizzo shared with her followers that her skin is currently breaking out. But she also made sure to remind everyone that there is “nothing wrong” with skin texture and imperfections. She specified that her issue is “itchiness and the irritation.” 

She treats these issues with a combination of Cetaphil face wash on her face and chest followed by an “arnica relief rescue mask.” She gives this mask a few moments to sink in, and after that, she followed it up with a serum sheet mask. She leaves the mask on until it’s dry. 

Most of the products (especially the Cetaphil face wash) she used in the video are affordable. So if you ever wanted to feel like Lizzo, then definitely try out her nighttime skincare routine. 

The aftermath 

Thanks to the fact that Lizzo is more active than ever on her TikTok account, we also had the privilege to get a follow-up video of how her skin looked the next morning. She explained that her skin is feeling much better.

However, besides her skincare routine, she also credited a custom-made satin pillowcase with helping her reduce irritation. And I have to admit, I am a fan of satin pillowcases as well. They prevent sleeping wrinkles, and they also prevent hair breakage. 

While her whole skincare routine does seem simple, it’s still a lot more believable and relatable than the others I have seen. No doubt the rest of the celebrity world exclusively uses their own brand, right?! Lizzo, as always, is keeping it real.

Hi. I am a medical student and a freelance writer from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I speak fluently Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, English and German.