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Marilyn Monroe’s Beauty Hacks Are Going Viral On TikTok

It seems as if everyone is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe these days! It started off with Kim Kardashian wearing her famous diamond dress, which sparked a wave of controversy on social media platforms. And now, the internet has gone absolutely crazy about Ana de Armas’ depiction of her in the Netflix movie ‘Blonde’. 

All of that proves that even 6 decades after her passing, the scarlet is still as famous as ever. In fact, her beauty hacks have taken over modern makeup looks, and videos of her iconic eye makeup recreations are all over TikTok!

Sleepy eyes

When you think about Marilyn Monroe, you probably think about her platinum blonde curls, her iconic beauty mark, and her scarlet red lip. However, the late 36-year-old also went down in makeup history for her sultry, sleepy eye look! That look would make any man weak in his knees. Marilyn definitely knew what she was doing with her ultimate feminine energy. 

But even though it has been six decades since the iconic actress stole the hearts of any man with a pulse, there is still a trick or two that we can learn from her about being a femme fatale. So let’s start with her sexy eye makeup look. 

Sleepy eyes have been the latest makeup trend on TikTok, and the modern beauty trend recently got a nostalgic twist when users of the social media platform decided to get some inspiration from Marilyn Monroe’s most famous makeup looks. Her eyes always had that “bedroom” look to them, thanks to her long, coiled lashes, and black, winged eyeliner. 

How to get the look

Needless to say, sixty years after her death it will be impossible to get the exact products that she was using. Well, except for a few, but more on that later. According to beauty expert Victoria Lyn, who had the chance of seeing Monroe’s original makeup case, we can at least get a rough idea about the products that were used in this process. Looking at the technique, it’s needless to say that Marilyn was ahead of her time.

Victoria revealed that Monroe used a pale cream eyeshadow to prep her eyes. To get that flirty look, she would also use half sets of fake lashes and eyeliner. A winged liner creates the appearance of a thicker lash line. But Marilyn also added a line to her lower lash line, to further enhance her eyes. Contrary to popular belief, Marilyn didn’t use black eyeliner. She sticked to brown, to make her look appear softer and more undone.

Monroe’s beauty routine

In her TikTok series, Victoria revealed other beauty products that Marilyn used that you can still purchase today. These include the iconic blue Nivea cream, and good old vaseline. The starlet used these products to prep her skin for the rest of the makeup, giving her a smooth and blurred base. 

Marilyn was a total blush girl, and used lots of it in her makeup routine. When it comes to her iconic red lips, she used a darker shade of red for her lip liner. She followed that up with a bright red lipstick, and some white powder on the center of her lips. Lastly, some lipgloss, to make the lips look as big as possible. 

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