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Mindy Kaling Revealed Her Simple But Genius Trick For Healthy Eating

If there is one person who seems completely down to earth and easy to talk to, even though pretty much everyone in the United States knows who she is, then it is Mindy Kaling

The Indian-American actress, comedian, and producer made us all fall in love with her while playing Kelly Kapoor in The Office. Many don’t know that she has even written many episodes of the popular comedy series herself. 

Body positivity is key 

Even though the character she portrayed in the show The Office had some struggles with eating (just remember the weight loss challenge and Creed’s tapeworms) Mindy has been a vocal advocate for the body positivity movement. 

In a prior interview with Shape, Kaling revealed that she decided to embrace her body at any size. She explained: “I love to eat at restaurants, I love to eat home cooking, and I don’t like restricting my diet. And [now] I’m like, as long as I’m getting enough nutrients and feeling like my heart and my lungs are really getting exercise, I don’t really beat myself up about that.”

But that doesn’t mean that Mindy doesn’t prioritize eating healthy. She makes sure her meals are balanced and versatile, and whenever she plans to lose some weight, she never does it by following a strict dietary regime. 

In an interview with Hello Magazine, the actress revealed: “If I do any kind of restrictive diet, it never really works for me. I just eat less of it… I wish there was something more juicy or dynamic about the way that I’ve lost a little bit of weight, but that’s the way I’ve done it.”

Exercise is important too

The one thing Mindy also loves to share with her fans is her love for exercise. In a prior interview with Shape, the Indian-American comedian said that being physically active for her is a form of therapy. She explained: “I don’t go to therapy, and I think that’s because I get endorphins from exercise. It’s such a powerful tool for me mentally.” 

When it comes to the type of exercise she prefers, it seems like Mindy enjoys mixing things up. Speaking to People, the mom-of-two once described her exercise routine as a mix of “jogging, walking, yoga, pilates, strength training, tai chi and more. Surprising the body with lots of different things I think is really good, particularly for my body,” she explained.


Be gentle with your body

Whenever we do articles about celebrities and their diet and exercise routines, we never do it so you feel pressured into doing the same thing. Everyone’s body is unique, and Mindy’s routine won’t work for everyone. It’s simply a way to get to know a celebrity better and to understand that not even celebrities eat boiled vegetables and tofu for every meal. 

Whenever you are deciding to change something in your diet or exercise routine, remember to be gentle with your body. In addition to that, you have to do it for the right reasons. Your main priority should always be your health, and not the way your body looks

Mindy also admitted that she struggled with that. “I tried really hard to let go of this idea of losing weight for vanity reasons and really trying to think of how I can be healthy.” Her own fitness goals now include “moving my body a lot, keeping hydrated, and then not having negative connotations.”

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