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The Best Music Styles for You Based on Your Astrological Sign 

Sometimes, people use music to communicate their feelings. For instance, some play sentimental songs when they feel nostalgic, while others listen to dance music when they’re happy. Still, there are some styles of music that you play over and over again. One reason is that they are part of your personality. In fact, your zodiac sign can also influence your musical choices. To give you a better view, here are the best music styles for you based on your astrological sign

Aries – Hard Rock 

Most people born under the sign Aries are known for their extremely high energy. As such, they like constant movement. For this reason, the best genre for these individuals is hard rock. To be specific, they prefer songs that deliver an intense beat with meaningful lyrics. 

Taurus – Classic Music

Many Taureans enjoy a laid-back and comfortable life. You often look back at your childhood days when life was less complicated. As such, these individuals enjoy reminiscing their happy days through classical music. It doesn’t matter if the song is pop, rock, or hip-hop. You will add any classic song as long as it can bring you back in time. 

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Gemini – Techno 

People born under the astrological sign Gemini are versatile and energetic. They are constantly moving to release the pent-up energy inside of them. As such, most of them are drawn to techno, electronic dance music, and other energetic music. These upbeat songs can definitely keep up your high energy levels. 

Cancer – R&B

Individuals under the zodiac sign Cancer are emotional and sentimental. For this reason, they relate to songs that can touch their heart and soul. As such, the best music style is R&B. Songs in this genre have a touching beet and lyrics that can connect to your deep feelings. 

For Leos, one of the best music styles for you based on your astrological sign is pop songs. However, most of you won’t settle for typical pop songs. After all, you are the kings and queens of the zodiac. As such, you often listen to trendy songs, usually those on the top lists. 

Virgo – Classic

A widely known characteristic of people under the zodiac sign Virgo is intelligence. As such, they don’t pick a song based on its lyrics. Usually, they listen to classical and instrumental music to get their brain cranking. 

Libra – Reggae 

Many Libras tend to like reggae music because of its relaxed beat and stunning lyrics. Remember, these individuals are friendly and balanced. Plus, they can relax and uplift people with their positive attitude, just like reggae songs. 

Scorpio – Hip-Hop 

For many Scorpios, music is a crucial part of their lives because of their passion and intense emotions. Even so, most of them prefer hip-hop. One reason is that the songs in this genre are filled with passionate words or messages that can help express their feelings. 

Sagittarius – International Music 

If you’re a Sagittarius, among the best music styles for you based on your astrological sign are music from all over the world. After all, you are the traveler of the zodiac. As such, you want to experience the world, including the different music styles of different countries, to the fullest. 

Capricorn – Jazz

Individuals under the zodiac Capricorn are sophisticated and hardworking. As such, they prefer a music style that radiates elegance, like jazz. Additionally, jazz musicians work hard to master their craft and create sophisticated music, just like many Capricorns. 

Aquarius – Alternative 

People with an Aquarius zodiac sign are free-spirited and independent. Aside from that, they don’t follow anyone’s rules. For this reason, most of them are drawn to alternative music. Just like them, this music style is filled with personality. 

Pisces – Any Genre

Of course, this list of the best music styles for you based on your astrological sign will not be complete without Pisces. For them, music is an essential part of life because it touches their souls. For this reason, some of you may prefer indie songs. However, most of you don’t have a specific genre. Any song is worth listening to as long as it can connect with your deepest feelings. 

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