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Ashley Graham Opened Up About Postpartum Hair Loss: “It Was Traumatic!”

Ashley Graham is known for her perfect curves, glowing skin, and stunning hair. However, the supermodel is also known for her honesty and openness when it comes to self-image. Last year, Graham welcomed her second and third child, twin boys Roman and Malachi, with her husband Justin Ervin. In the process of her pregnancy, the model was very vocal about normalizing all the changes that a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. But after she had given birth, she also opened up about how much she has struggled with postpartum hair loss.

What is postpartum hair loss?

Postpartum hair loss happens about four months after a woman has given birth. By the time the baby turns one year old, most women will regain the majority of their hair back. However, that doesn’t mean that this process isn’t stressful and traumatic for most of the new moms going through it. There isn’t much of a way to prevent it, because it’s our body’s natural response to the stress of childbirth.

Some women will experience more shedding than others, and it’s pretty hard to predict how much it may affect you. Ashley revealed in an interview for Parents that her postpartum hair loss experience was traumatic.


New York, NY – June 03, 2019: Ashley Graham attends 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards at Brooklyn Museum

“I think it was like around four months, my whole hairline fell out. And that was more traumatic than even birth because I was like, ‘My hair’s falling out in clumps—what am I doing?’” At that time, the supermodel wasn’t aware of what postpartum hair loss is, but soon she realized that it was a completely normal occurrence. “I realized it’s actually a thing,” she said.

In the same interview, Graham also explained why she believes it’s so important to share her pregnancy and postpartum experiences on social media. “I like to share every aspect of my life. I don’t want to hide how I’m taking care of my body, whether it’s mental health, stretching, movement. I just have found it incredibly important for everybody to talk about their journey and what they’ve been doing because it helps people who are struggling,” she said.

Is there any way to treat postpartum hair loss? 

While Ashley Graham was one of the lucky women who regained most of their hair grow back in only a couple of months, for some women, postpartum hair loss can go on for even a year after giving birth. Hair plays a very important role in our overall appearance, so it’s no surprise that so many women want to find an easy fix for this condition. But are there any?

The truth is that most dermatologists won’t recommend any type of treatment. Hair regrowth treatments like Rogaine aren’t safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, what you can do is use volumizing shampoos and light conditioners to give you the appearance of fuller hair. Don’t take any type of medication, either oral or topical, without asking your doctor first. While it is understandable that postpartum hair loss takes a toll on a woman’s confidence, it’s still just a temporary process. Even if it takes your body longer to grow your hair back, you will eventually still see a major improvement.

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