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Giving Up Gel Polish? Here’s How To Restore The Health Of Your Nails

Getting a gel manicure every three weeks has its benefits. You don’t have to worry about your nail polish chipping, and your nails will look fresh and pretty no matter what. However, there are also some cons.

If you’re an introvert like me, then that one hour at the nail salon can seem like real torture. Small talk is unbearable to me, and I feel so awkward the whole time. In addition to that, there are also certain health risks associated with gel polish. 

So it’s no wonder that so many women are deciding to give their nails a break from gel manis. But that can be a challenging thing to do. Chances are, that after getting the gel removed, your nails will be brittle, damaged, and much thinner than usual.

Thankfully, there are still some tricks that can help you restore the health of your nails. Here are some of my favorite tips.

Nail slugging

By now, you’ve probably heard about skin slugging. However, there is also something called nail slugging. The concept is pretty similar for both. You just apply a thick layer of oil and vaseline to your cuticles before going to sleep. The vaseline will lock in the oil, and your nails and cuticles will be soft and hydrated the next morning.

Focus on your diet

Having healthy nails starts from within. So make sure that you are also eating a balanced diet, and if needed, taking your supplements. If you want healthy and strong nails, make sure that you eat enough healthy fats, like nuts or avocados. Zinc, biotin, and iron are very important as well. However, before you start taking any type of supplement, make sure that you talk to your doctor first. 

Wear protective nail polish 

If your nails are chipping no matter what, you should try wearing protective nail polish. That will form a protective layer and ensure that your nails don’t chip off as easily. Just make sure you pick one that is free of chemicals such as formaldehyde. Ideally, you could find a clean formula protective nail polish, that will deliver important nutrients to your nails, while still protecting their surface.

Use gloves 

During the winter, harsh weather conditions can also take a toll on the health of our nails. So if you notice that your nails are weaker and more brittle than usual during the winter months, make sure you wear gloves whenever you go out. This will protect your nails and hands from the cold, and also prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

You can also use cotton gloves for some boosted hydration when going to sleep. This will also work perfectly if you’re nail-slugging. Apply a thick of hand cream, some cuticle oil, and vaseline to your hands. Then, top it all off with a pair of cotton gloves. The gloves will help the oils and cream penetrate more deeply, and your hands and cuticles will feel incredibly soft the next morning.

Hi. I am a medical student and a freelance writer from Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I speak fluently Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, English and German.