On April 22, 2018
Happy Mother’s day Ladies. Does KUSI have a great present for that special lady in your life?

Katarina Van Derham of VIVA GLAM Magazine stopped by the studio just in time with her launch of Glamour Garden Cosmetics to help the men find just that perfect gift. Being on both sides of the camera gives her a special place of knowing what women need and want to feel glamorous.

Elizabeth Alvarez: You have been on both sides of the camera and all your modeling days, this is coming from someone who truly knows what that should be.

Katarina: When you are talking with so many women in front and behind the camera, you truly learn what works and doesn’t work. Also, what products are great? There are so many unbelievable brands that people do not know about because they are true industry quality make-up and there is so much buzz about other brands. I complied all the info that I have learned for the past 20 years in Hollywood and created my own line.

I created KAT Lash to have the right amount of lash for all occasions. I do not have the glue as that is a separate issue. However, I recommend using Duo, the dark tone as they are thicker and dry faster. They also hold the lash with more flexibility and not feeling like your eyes get that crunch when the glue is to clear for example. I believe the two key features on a woman are the eyes and lips. If you can make them both pop you are going to shine. And, who doesn’t want to shine? Even mothers want to on Mother’s Day. Glamour Garden is a limited edition Liquid lipsticks with four basic colors with stories behind each color.

Shine on ladies…………