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Snow Blush Is The Newest TikTok Makeup Trend: How To Get The Look

We know that the weather outside is still not that cold, however, TikTok’s trendiest makeup look is supposed to make you look like you were just out in the snow. And although it sounds strange, it looks really cute. So let us introduce you to TikTok’s new “snow blush” trend.

It’s no secret that BeautyTok has been ruling the makeup industry lately. All of the latest big makeup trends started on this platform. And those of us who love to put on a little bit more blush will be especially delighted with the new trend that has taken over social networks.

What is the “snow blush” trend?

The “snow blush” or “I’m cold” makeup trend is just what it sounds like — a makeup look that makes you appear as if you have been out in the cold. The main focus of this look is blushed pink cheeks, however, you can add other details as well.

As we have already explained, the whole trend started on TikTok, where the #imcold hashtag has over 87 million views! If that doesn’t prove how hyped up this look is, then I don’t know what does. 

The trend sounds a bit strange at first, but actually, when you look at how it looks on the face, it’s completely cute and can be ideal for every day. 

It’s quick to recreate, and ideal for people who love those “no makeup” makeup looks.

How to get the look

When recreating the snow blush look, it’s important to start with a matte base. Even though dewy skin has been all the rage in the last few years, it seems like it’s finally time to whip out your baking powders and matte foundations.

After you created a matte base, it’s time to apply the blush. Be generous with it, and apply it all over your cheeks and nose. Use a cool-toned pink color, and apply the blush everywhere where you would naturally turn a bit pinkish if you were out in the snow. 

For this look, you are going to skip bronzer. While there is no need to warm up the face, you can add a little bit of powder contour into the hollows of your cheeks. Add some highlighter too, but make sure to use a cool-toned silver color. Silver colors will look more wintery. 

Don’t forget about the nose! Apply a good amount of the blush to your nose as well, and finish it off with some highlighter on the tip. You’re now done with your base. If you want to make your makeup more long-lasting, add a matte setting spray.

The Makeup Revolution

Details about the rest of the makeup

There are no rules for this look when it comes to eye and lip makeup. You can add whatever you like. But it would be good to stay in the winter spirit. That means shimmering white eyeshadow, pearl lipgloss, and glittery eyeliner. 

You can find various different interpretations of this look on TikTok. If you want to make this your everyday look, opt for something simple and quick — hydrating lip oil and wispy lashes. However, you can also go the extra mile and add wintery details such as ice-blue eyeshadow and white eyeliner.

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