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Spring Cleaning: It’s Time To Finally Let Go Of These Clothing Pieces 

Spring is coming, and with it comes the desire to do some spring cleaning. There aren’t many things on this earth that can uplift my mood and make me feel like I have my life together as much as a good round of deep cleaning does.

There is just something so powerful about cleaning out the old and making some space for new things. I do it with all aspects of my life — the things in my apartment, my makeup, and, of course, my clothes.

I have never been too much of a sentimental person. Material things don’t hold too much value in my opinion. However, I can still get a bit attached to some things. Not for sentimental reasons though. It’s just my inner hoarder thinking I’ll need that thing again. 

That’s why I decided to make a list of clothing items that probably most women have in their closets. This article is your sign to finally get rid of them!

That olive green parka jacket you think will get back in style 

Let’s start with a very specific one. We all had them back in the early 2010s. They went beautifully with our UGG boots and infinity scarves. However, it’s time to finally get rid of your green H&M parka jacket. You know that it doesn’t fit you anymore. In addition to that, olive green was never your color in the first place. 

Uncomfortable shoes that are painful to even look at

It’s time to face it — we are getting older. Most of us don’t want to suffer in the name of fashion anymore. Not even for special occasions. So if you have a pair of incredibly uncomfortable heels that give you the worst blisters any time you wear them, it’s time to finally part ways. You will find an equally cute pair of shoes that won’t make your life a living nightmare while you’re wearing them.

Anything permanently stained 

Come on, why are you still keeping that wine-stained dress in your wardrobe? I know that it was expensive and that you only had the chance to wear it a couple of times. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s pretty much unusable at the moment. Wine stains are the worst. You have to act quickly and you have to act with the right products. However, if the stain has been on the clothing item for a long time now, you can’t expect it to just magically disappear while chilling on a hanger in your closet.

Those jeans that don’t fit anymore 

Please, for your good, get rid of all those jeans that don’t fit you anymore. Why are you wasting space in your wardrobe on them? We are obsessing over jeans sizes that we used to wear in high school and college when we are the only person who can see what size of jeans we are wearing. Your current jeans are more than fine, and there is no need to keep your old ones as a souvenir.

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