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The Brilliant Makeup Hack That Meghan Markle Always Does But No One Seems To Notice 

Have you noticed how Meghan Markle’s skin always looks so radiant and fresh? It’s this subtle glow-from-within kind of radiance. In case you didn’t know, the former actress and podcast host is known for doing her own makeup most of the time. It’s rumored that she even did her makeup for her wedding with Prince Harry. 

While that was never confirmed nor denied, it wouldn’t be too surprising. Overall, Markle always seemed like a down-to-earth person who wasn’t afraid to put her own twist on things. However, thanks to the fact that Meghan is pretty open about many aspects of her life, we also know what her secret is to that youthful and natural glow. 

Meghan’s hack for glowing skin

No matter where she is or what she is doing Meghan Markle is always looking flawless. Her complexion is something you just have to notice. Those rosy cheeks, perfectly high cheekbones, and youthful freckles covering her nose — she always looks refreshed and healthy.

But let’s face it, after watching her Netflix documentary, we know for sure that this woman is always on the go. There is no way that she is always getting those 8 recommended hours of sleep. So, what is her secret? 

There are a few… First of all, we have to be realistic and address the fact that Meghan has access to the best skin care products, dermatologists, and cosmetologists in the world. She probably has amazing skin to start with. 

But even the clearest skin needs some additional help to get that signature Markle glow. And according to a few insiders, the one makeup trick that Meghan swears by is mixing her foundation with moisturizer.

Mixing your foundation in with a lightweight and hydrating moisturizer will make your makeup a lot more natural and radiant. Your skin texture will have the chance to peek through making everyone wonder if you are even wearing any makeup at all. Other celebrities, such as Hailey Bieber, swear by this hack as well. 


The royal makeup look 

But this isn’t the only makeup hack that Meghan has in store. If you ever paid close attention to her signature makeup look, you will notice a few things. First of all, to make her base appear even more natural and lightweight, Meghan makes sure to go over her freckles and beauty marks with a brown pencil. 

When it comes to the rest of her face makeup, Markle loves to apply a peachy-pink blush to the apples of her cheeks, and top it off with a subtle golden highlighter. This compliments her skin tone perfectly, and it also gives her cheeks a fuller and softer appearance.

Her eye makeup is easy to recreate as well. Meghan’s signature look includes a dark and matte brown eyeshadow shade, combined with black winged eyeliner. To finish the look, apply natural-looking wispy lashes, and line your waterline with a dark brown liner.

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