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The Most Popular Vegan Leather Alternatives

The leather industry has a harsh impact on our environment and is cruel to animals. Unfortunately, many fashion brands are still using leather for their products. Fortunately, more and more companies are now interested in cruelty-free alternatives. In fact, you can now purchase bags and shoes made with plant materials. Also, these products are made using sustainable practices to help save the planet. So, here are some of the popular vegan leather alternatives on the market.

Mushroom Leather

Mushroom leather, also known as MuSkin, is a popular leather alternative because it has similar characteristics to leather. Aside from that, designers can also adjust their texture, flexibility, and thickness to suit their design. The best part is that the fungi used to make this leather alternative doesn’t require a lot of land or water resources. As such, its impact on the environment is minimal. 

Cork Leather

Cork leather is one of the best vegan leather alternatives on the market. After all, it is obtained without harming a cork-oak tree. Plus, harvesting cork leather is beneficial for the environment. To be specific, there is a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions when a cork-oak tree regenerates its bark because it absorbs high amounts of carbon dioxide. 

One of the great features of cork leather is its weight. Aside from being lightweight, it is also water resistant, making it an excellent material for shoes, backpacks, and laptop bags. 

Cactus Leather

Cactus leather is another excellent leather alternative. The reason is that it is made without harming the nopal plant, a certain kind of cactus. Plus, the plant can grow with no or minimal water requirements. 

Cactus leather is as durable as animal leather. Aside from that, it is also soft. Plus, it doesn’t require harmful chemicals for tanning methods, making it environmentally friendly. Because of these characteristics, many fashion brands use this leather alternative in making leather goods and furniture. 

Grape Leather

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Wine is a major product in Italy. However, several parts of grapes remain, including their seeds, stalks, and skins, when processing this beverage. Instead of throwing these parts, a group of Italian entrepreneurs and environmental chemists found a method to turn them into a leather alternative. 

Grape leather is smooth and soft, like animal leather. It is also water-resistant and durable, making it an excellent material for various leather goods. 


All in all, these are some of the most popular vegan leather alternatives on the market. Now that people are aware of the environmental impact of the leather industry, many brands are now producing sustainable and cruelty-free shoes, bags, and other leather goods. You can help save animals and the planet by opting for these vegan brands or products. Be sure to also learn how to properly clean your vegan leather accessories.

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