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This Is Kim Kardashian’s Secret Product For Keeping Her Hair Healthy Even As A Platinum Blonde

Have you ever wondered how Kim Kardashian’s hair always looks perfect, even after she went platinum blonde for her iconic Met Gala look? Sure, she wears extensions and wigs from time to time, but she also posts a lot of selfies with her natural, extension-free hair. And in the pictures, you can see that it’s still in great condition. 

Well, I did some research and found out that Kim swears by a well-known and popular product that you can buy at Sephora. It’s the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector. In a video for Allure, Kim revealed: “I love being blonde. When it’s blonde, I put in a lot of Olaplex.” Back in 2015, during a master class with Mario Dedivanovic, Kim even said she slept in Olaplex overnight to get the most benefits.

And recently, when a noisy follower zoomed in on one of Kim’s stories to reveal what beauty products the Skims owner used, we could clearly see that she did not have one, but two bottles of Olaplex No.3 on her bathroom sink. So there is no doubt that Kimberly is a die-hard fan of this hair care product. But is it really as good as she makes it out to be? And is it advisable to leave it on overnight? 

Who is Olaplex No.3 for?

As someone who has used up a bottle of this revolutionary beauty product, I can certainly say that it’s not for everybody. If your hair isn’t damaged, bleached, or highlighted, and you don’t heat style it often, this product isn’t for you. After reading all of the amazing reviews, I wanted to try it out myself. However, what I didn’t take into consideration is that my hair wasn’t really that damaged. Sure, it was dry, but a hydrating mask would have worked fine as well. 

However, if you did do some damage to your hair, bond-building products such as the No.3 Hair Perfector could be a great choice. Olaplex uses a patented technology that works on the disulfide bonds of our hair, making it stronger and less likely to break. If you get your hair professionally done, you can also ask your stylist for No.1 and No. 2. They work similarly, however, these are professional products and are much more concentrated. 

Should you leave it on overnight?

Olaplex No.3 only works on wet hair, and while you could put on a shower cap and a hair turban while sleeping to keep your hair moist, that would be highly uncomfortable. A spokesperson for Olaplex recently revealed that Olaplex is most effective during the first 30–45 minutes after application. The company also warned its customers to not leave the product on overnight, as it could get into their eyes.

In addition to that, because your hair has to be wet, and wet hair is much more fragile than dry hair, this could even cause additional damage. So, if you do decide to try this beauty product out, there isn’t any reason to sleep in it. Leave it on for 45 minutes, and you will get all of the benefits that you desire.

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