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After months of layering clothes, many women are excited to wear something lighter. In fact, dresses are the most common outfit most ladies wear to flaunt their sexy bodies. After all, these types of clothes come in various designs suited for women of all ages and body types. The good news is that the Spring/Summer 2023 runway shows have delivered interesting designs. To give you a better view, here are the some of trendiest dress styles of Spring 2023.

60s-Inspired Dresses

The retro vibe is becoming popular these past few months, which is not surprising because of its appeal. For this reason, the groovy 60s-inspired dresses are predicted to trend this spring to summer of 2023. Plus, many women like wearing cute mini-dresses with lovely textures like tweed. You can also opt for those with bold graphics or psychedelic designs for a more vintage vibe. These designs are perfect for those who want to show their fun and exciting personality.


Bubble Hem Dresses

Bubble hem dresses are one of the trendiest dress styles of spring 2023. Although this design is uncommon, its comeback is welcomed, especially since they got a sophisticated upgrade. In fact, many women can wear this cute dress to look chic and youthful. However, experts recommend avoiding accessories when wearing this style of dress. Remember, its voluminous hem is already a statement, and accessorizing too much may lead to a less appealing look. Instead, you can opt for a pair of flat shoes or strappy sandals to appear more stylish and sophisticated.


Side Cutouts Dresses

Another popular dress style you can wear is a cutout dress. In the past years, this dress style had several versions, including shoulder to legs and back to front. This year, we’ve seen side cutouts on various runway shows. Some have smaller cutouts, while others are more daring. Either way, this dress style is suited for those who want to show some skin and feel sexy this spring.


Column Dresses

Of course, this list of trendiest dress styles of spring 2023 is not complete without mentioning column dresses. In fact, this simple yet classic design is eye-catching. Plus, they look elegant, making them a good choice for formal events. The best part is that you can also style them for casual occasions.


Boho Dresses

Boho dresses are timeless. You can wear them almost all year round. For 2023 entertainer Katarina Van Derham and fashion designer Izabela Komjati have created a limited edition of boho dresses called UNBOUND. These flowy dresses in 3 different colors will flaunt your body whether you’re going to a luxury dinner or any summer vacation dining spot.




All in all, these are some of the trendiest dress styles of spring 2023. As presented, you have a lot of options for dresses, so you can pick a style that will make you feel confident and fabulous. Of course, don’t forget to choose those with blissful shades, like white, citron yellow, turquoise blue, lavender, and light pink. These playful colors are highly recommended this spring.

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