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Veganologie brings you the best of both worlds

Are you currently looking for a top-quality handbag or wallet, but you don’t want to compromise on your sustainability and vegan beliefs? Well, the good news is: You don’t have to. Veganologie will bring you the best of both worlds.

Their products are made from recycled vegan leather and the brand follows the global standards of sustainability and ethical fashion. But it does not end there. They are also a female-founded, PETA-certified brand, that only uses materials that are certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

About Veganologie

While we won’t remember 2020 as the best year of our life, it was the year that a lot of new ideas, projects, and businesses were born. And Veganologie is one of them. Even though the founder of this brand, Angana Maheshwari, didn’t have any experience in handbag production, she wasn’t going to let that stop her from starting a sustainable vegan leather handbag brand. She recruited the talented designer Sara Basar, who holds a BA in fashion design from the IUAV University of Venice, and the two of them made Angana’s dream become reality. Both of these amazing women live in Dubai, where the brand was founded, and the company’s headquarters are located. 


Veganologie is sustainable

This brand believes that fashion shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet. They deliver modern but timeless designs, that are more than reasonably priced. You can catch one of their bags for as little as $130, and if you shop in bundles, you can get an even better deal with 30% off. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to colors as well. They have a range of beautiful colors, for every bag, wallet, and cardholder model available. The colors are unique and range from dark green, called by the brand’s name, to different shades of red, mustard, cream, and gray. The colors are named Veganologie (dark green), Empire (classic red), Cinnamon (brownish red), Mineral (blueish gray), Mustard, and Cashew (cream). While te bag models are named Gaia, Gemma, and Maze.

Another pretty impressive thing is that their crossbody bags are made from 11 plastic bottles, wallets from 4, and their card holders are made from 2 plastic bottles. All of the materials they use are recycled, including their hardware and lining made from recycled suede. Their recycled suede reduces energy consumption and CO2 emission by 80% compared to traditional animal-delivered suede. Of course, the packaging in which you’ll receive your goods will be 100% recycled and fully recyclable as well.

Where to buy Veganologie bags

By now, you are probably already wondering where you can get one Veganologie bag for yourself, right? Their bags are available through their website, www.veganologie.com, and to make things even better, this brand offers free global shipping! Yup, you won’t have to pay for those annoying shipping fees to call one of these precious items your own. While it would be hard to pick a favorite out of their collection (because all of their products have that stunning classic design that just goes with everything), the one bag that definitely stole our hearts right away is the model ‘Maze’ in the color ‘Cinnamon’. So head over to their website and decide for yourself which one of these beauties is going to be your next purchase. 

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