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Dopamine Beauty: Ways to Try this Popular Beauty Trend

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many women were drawn to minimalist makeup looks. Today, more and more people are yearning for more color. For this reason, dopamine beauty has become a popular trend. As you know, dopamine is a feel-good hormone, usually released when doing activities, including exercising or eating chocolate. Aside from that, experts believe that bright colors can also trigger the release of this hormone, uplifting your mood. As such, dopamine beauty is all about wearing bold-colored makeup to feel happier. So, here are some ways to try the dopamine beauty trend.

Colorful Cat Eyes

The simplest way to do the dopamine beauty trend is to swap your regular black eyeliner for a brighter shade. Nowadays, eyeliners come in various hues, such as green, blue, and yellow. You can also dab some glitters on your lid for a more dramatic effect. Another option is to apply a highlighter to your eyes’ inner corners. Whatever technique you use, the goal is to make your eyes pop using colorful eye makeup.

Shimmer and Sparkle

One of the best ways to try the dopamine beauty trend is to use shimmer. After all, shine and sparkle is synonymous with dopamine beauty. The best part is that you don’t have to exert a lot of effort. You can simply add a metallic eye shadow to your lids. From there, you can build up according to your preferred amount of sparkle. Then, you can also apply a shimmery lip gloss to finish your look.

Dare to Stare: Stunning Colorful Eyeliner Looks to Try
Photo by @samyra_teja/Instagram

Flushed Cheeks

Of course, your dopamine beauty look is not complete without applying blush. In fact, flushed cheeks are a staple if you want to achieve a soft and happy glow. You can start by gently tapping your favorite blush on your cheekbone, going to your temple, and stopping at the brow bone. Remember, you have to start small and add more if you want more color. That way, your blush wn’t look messy.  Another tip is to use cream blushes because they are easier to build if you want a subtle and healthy flush.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are some ways to try the dopamine beauty trend. Keep in mind that this trend is all about using colors that make you feel happy and confident. As such, you can be creative and combine cheerful colors. As presented, your makeup doesn’t have to be complicated. You can try this trend using simple techniques, such as using colored eyeliner and eye shadows. Of course, don’t forget to match your makeup with an eye-catching dopamine outfit to complete your look.

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