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Sustainable Brands that Offer Dopamine Dressing Essentials

Many people feel gloomy this winter because of the cold weather. The good news is that you can uplift your mood through fashion. As you know, dopamine dressing involves wearing vibrant and colorful outfits that can make you happy and confident. The best part is that you don’t have to harm the planet to follow this trend. In fact, numerous fashion brands produce colorful and stylish sustainable clothes. To give you a better view, here are some sustainable brands that offer dopamine dressing essentials. 


Thought is a fashion brand based in the UK. Since 1995, they have produced chic and comfortable pieces of clothing. Aside from that, they are also committed to sourcing eco-friendly and recycled materials for their products. They also opt for factories with ethical manufacturing practices.

Most of Thought’s clothes are timeless and comfortable. Aside from that, their products are perfect for your dopamine-dressing outfits because they are vibrant with hand-drawn prints. Also, their clothes are inspired by nature, art, and seasons, which can uplift your mood.

Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co. is one of the best sustainable brands that offer dopamine dressing essentials. In fact, their creatively styled clothes are perfect for those who want to show a laid-back life. Also, most of their apparel is inspired by the “surf and skate” culture. As such, they are perfect for dopamine dressing because of their happy and positive vibes. The best part is that this fashion brand prioritizes sustainability over profit. So, you can enjoy wearing their stylish clothes while protecting the planet at the same time.

Ilk + Ernie

Ilk + Ernie is another fashion brand you can choose for your dopamine-dressing outfits. After all, their pieces are designed with energizing colors and bold prints that are perfect for boosting your mood and confidence.

Ilk + Ernie uses plant-based fabric to create their fun pieces of clothing. Aside from being sustainable, their products have versatile designs. As such, you will definitely have fun creating different dopamine-dressing outfits from their collections.

Damson Madder

Some people believe that sustainable fashion brands can only produce minimalist or monochromatic clothes. However, Damson Madder is one of the exceptions. In fact, they offer several bright and bold-colored co-ords and dresses that can make you feel confident and happy. Plus, they use organic and recycled materials. As such, they are providing stylish apparel while protecting the environment.


Dopamine dressing is a popular fashion trend because it can uplift your mood and energy even when the weather is gloomy. As presented, there are several sustainable brands that offer dopamine dressing essentials. From there, you can mix and match different pieces of clothing to create that can make you feel confident and happy.

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