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The Best Colors for Brunettes to Wear in the Winter

Brunettes have dark strands that give off an alluring vibe, especially when they wear something with a saturated shade. Remember, there are certain colors that can flatter your hair. As such, experts recommend wearing an outfit with a color that makes your tresses stand out when you’re attending parties and other events. So, what are the best colors for brunettes to wear in the winter? 

Orange or Red

Orange and red are known to be festive colors because they radiate an energizing vibe. However, these shades don’t work on everyone. The good news is that they can make brunettes look more radiant and sophisticated. Plus, red is a good color choice if you want to appear hot and sexy in the winter. Remember, this hue can add a little bit of excitement and drama to your outfit. As such, experts recommend wearing clothes with various shades of red, including plum, burgundy, claret, and ruby red. 


White is one of the best colors for brunettes to wear in the winter. Some of you may avoid this color because it resembles snow. However, this shade can create a strong contrast to your dark strands. Plus, it radiates elegance, making you look gorgeous  while you mingle with family and friends. 


Another popular winter color that is perfect for brunettes is blue. As you know, this shade has a regal vibe that can complement dark hair. As a result, you will look sophisticated wearing a blue outfit. Keep in mind that blue has various shades. You can opt for cobalt and other bolder shades of blue to bring life to your outfit during the cold days of winter. 


Some women avoid green because it is quite challenging to style. However, this shade is one of the best colors for brunettes to wear in the winter. One reason is that it complements their dark hair. If you’re a brunette, you will look stunning wearing green outfits, specifically sage, mossy, and olive green. Jade is also a timeless shade that can make you look more appealing. 

Combination of Bold Colors

Bold-colored clothes are great winter outfits because they make you love alive during cold days. Fortunately, brunettes can wear several bold colors. To be specific, you can mix yellow and purple. These shades will make your dark strands pop, making you look vibrant and stylish. You can also try combining pink and purple to create a fabulous outfit. 

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