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The Top Plant-Based Trends of the New Year

Today, more and more people are following a vegan lifestyle for various reasons, including health and the environment. For this reason, the plant-based sector has been developing innovative ways to offer animal-free products. In fact, the plant-based market has been on the rise for the past few years. As such, many people are expecting to see new products and trends this new year. To give you a better perspective, here are some of the top plant-based trends of the new year. 

1. Vegan Cheese Products are On the Rise

Before, vegan cheese products are ignored. One reason is that most of them are filled with starches and coconut oil.

Today, the non-dairy industry is creating new cheese analogs with healthier ingredients and better flavor. In fact, you can now find vegan cheese made with pulses, nuts, and sprouted brown rice. 

Aside from healthier ingredients, many French and Italian cheese brands are also using their traditional cheese-making practices to create delicious and nutritious vegan cheese. 

2. Plant-Based Meat and Seafood Products

The production of vegan meat and seafood products is among the top plant-based trends of the new year. In fact, a survey reported that more and more people are planning to purchase these kinds of food products in 2023. 

Vegan turkey

As you know, plant-based meat products made with soybeans have been on the market these past years. Right now, food manufacturers are creating more flavorful plant-based products to satisfy their consumers. Aside from plant-based meat, plant-based seafood products are also becoming popular. Today, there are several fish analog brands that offer healthier and appetizing vegan seafood products that mimic the flavor of raw fish and other seafood. Also, the plant-based market is now offering vegan caviar made of seaweed. 

3. Eco-Conscious Eating

The last on this list of the top plant-based trends of the new year is eco-conscious eating. As mentioned, many people are now following a vegan lifestyle not only for health reasons but for the environment as well. As such, they follow sustainable and eco-friendly practices in their daily lives to help save the planet. 

The good news is that the plant-based industry is moving towards sustainability. For instance, many food manufacturers are now using “upcycled ingredients” to produce delicious and healthy snacks and other food products. Remember, upcycling is a process that can help combat climate change and food waste. For this reason, many experts predict that more and more companies will use upcycled materials. Additionally, they believe that many people will practice eco-conscious eating this year and in the coming years.

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