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Vintage is the most popular interior design trend among Gen Z

  • • Vintage is the most popular interior design trend on TikTok for people aged 18-24, totaling 160 million views over the last 12 months. 
  • • Gen Z TikTok users are also going mad for farmhouse décor ideas, with the trend accumulating around 155 million views in the past year.  
  • • Other popular interior design trends for 18-24 year-olds include boho style, maximalism, and grandmillennial.  

Vintage style has been named Gen Z’s most popular interior design trend on TikTok, according to a new study.  

The experts at Contractor Growth Network analyzed the five most-viewed hashtags relating to some of the most popular interior design trends in America to see which came out on top. Terms which solely related to interior design were included in the study for accuracy, excluding blanket terms that could be associated with fashion and makeup. Views were collated for several age ranges to reveal the most viewed interior design trends among Gen Z users.

1. Vintage  

Vintage trends always play a huge role in home décor across America, and 2023 is no different. With over 160 million views in the last 12 months, vintage was Gen Z’s most-viewed interior trend. The most popular hashtags relating to vintage interior design were #vintagedecor and #vintagehome. Gen Z seem to be the most interested in vintage décor, with each top-performing hashtag reaching a majority audience of those aged 16-24.  

2. Farmhouse 

The farmhouse style trend has taken over social media in the last couple of years, with many homeowners and décor enthusiasts scouring the web for inspiration on crafting a space which perfectly incorporates the warm, homely aesthetic of a farmhouse. Over the last 12 months, it has become Gen Z’s second most popular interior décor trend on TikTok, gathering over 155 million views. Modern farmhouses prove particularly popular among TikTok users, with #modernfarmhouse accumulating 231 million views across the last year. People aged between 25-34 make up 35% of the users watching videos related to modern farmhouses, with 35+ and 18-24s totaling 34% and 31%, respectively. 

3. Boho style 

This unconventional interior décor style has proven popular with homeowners all over America, allowing people to break boundaries and breathe new life into various spaces with creative flair. As Gen Z’s third most popular interior design trend on TikTok, boho style has gathered over 242 million total views on the platform within the last year. It has proven particularly popular among Gen Z and younger millennials, with people aged 34 and younger responsible for over 190 million views, or 78.7% of the total views. 

4. Maximalism  

Americans are increasingly interested in crafting over-the-top interior spaces, living by the “more is more” motto of maximalism to design unique, layered homes. Maximalist design is one of the most popular décor trends on TikTok for Gen Z viewers, accumulating over 81 million views in the last 12 months from people within the lower age bracket. People aged 16-24 are some of the most interested in moody maximalism, where homeowners adopt dark and rich color palettes to great effect. Approximately 42% of the 22 million views under #moodymaximalism came from TikTok users within this age range.  

5. Grandmillennial 

Gen Z appear to be embracing older, out-of-date décor, with grandmillennial or “granny chic” being the fifth most popular interior design trend on TikTok for users aged 18-24. With over 64 million video views in the last 12 months, younger viewers are showing a lot of interest in this trend, blending traditional patterns and décor with modern elements to create unique, stylish environments within the home. Viewers between 18 and 24 were responsible for over half of the total views of videos relating to grandmillennial décor in America over the last year.

RankingTrendTotal views (18-24)
3Boho style94,350,000
7Dopamine decor32,376,440
10Mid-Century Modern18,967,560

Eclectic, dopamine decor, and cluttercore are also some of TikTok’s most viewed interior design trends among Gen Z users, with each securing annual views of 63 million, 32 million, and 23 million, respectively.  

Commenting on the latest research, a spokesperson from Contractor Growth Network said: “TikTok has become such a key platform for interior design, with creators and users sharing unique décor choices and offering excellent inspiration for homeowners across America. It is fascinating to see which trends and styles appear more popular with Gen Z and millennials. While cluttercore is dominated by views from people aged 16-24, trends like rustic are reaching a slightly older, millennial audience.”  

“With Google searches in farmhouse décor falling by 82% within the last three years, it will be interesting to see if any interior design trends rival farmhouse style on TikTok in 2024 and beyond.” 

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