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Viral Hair Trends from TikTok

TikTok offers a lot of trends. In fact, many women go to this social media platform to get some fashion and beauty inspiration. The good news is that numerous beauty tips and tricks are available on this social media platform, especially for your hair. The best part is that most of them can lead to gorgeous tresses. So, here are some of the viral hair trends from TikTok.

Hair Cycling

Like skin cycling, hair cycling is the use of several hair products in order within four to five days. For instance, you will use a detox shampoo on day one. Then, you can also apply a hydrating hair treatment the following day. Aside from those products, you can also incorporate scalp treatment into your regimen. Of course, “rest days” are also included throughout the week to allow your hair to repair after using certain products.

Hair cycling is an excellent approach to solve certain scalp and hair problems. However, you have to make sure to do it correctly. Remember, the key is to ensure that the regimen fits your lifestyle.

Heatless Curls

Heatless curls are among the most viral hair trends from TikTok. As you know, curling irons can cause damage to your strands because of the high temperature. For this reason, many women are searching for easy-to-follow methods for curling their hair. Fortunately, you can find tutorial videos on TikTok. Some of the proven effective methods include the following:

  • Using Velcro rollers.
  • Braiding
  • Wrapping your hair around a pair of socks
  • Wrapping your hair around a robe tie

These are some of the best methods to get curls without using heat. Although the process may take some hours, you can get gorgeous curls without damaging your strands.

Hair Slugging

Hair slugging or hair oiling is the last on this list of viral hair trends from TikTok. This method can result in stronger, fuller, and shinier hair, especially when properly done. The trick is to use an oil that can help moisturize your scalp and strands. Some recommended oils are coconut oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. You can also mix a few drops of rosemary oil with the recommended oils for hair growth.

Because hair slugging works best when the oil is left for hours, experts recommend applying the oil at night. Remember, you don’t have to saturate your hair with oil. You can coat your strands from the roots to the ends and braid your hair. Afterward, you can cover your hair with a satin bonnet or shower cap. When you wake up in the morning, you can wash your tresses. This method will yield the best result when done regularly for one month.


Every woman likes to have shiny and healthy hair. The good news is that you don’t have to search far to get some tips and tricks. TikTok offers numerous tutorial videos and posts that can lead to gorgeous tresses.

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