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Celebrity Hairstylist Reveals The Kardashian’s Biggest Hair Secret

If there is one family that is known for having the shiniest, healthiest, and sleekest hair, then it’s the Kardashians (and Jenners). Now, one of the celebrity hairstylist reveals the Kardashians biggest hair secret.

I know, I know that they wear wigs most of the time, however, even when we do see their natural hair, it’s still surprisingly healthy. Especially taking into consideration how fast they jump from style to style. However, they don’t do their hair themselves. This billionaire family has a set of different famous hairstylists who make sure that their dos always look perfect. One of them is Irinel de León, who in a recent interview with E! News revealed some of her biggest hair secrets so that even ordinary people can have that Hollywood-like glass mane.

Keep your hair tools clean

While Irinel touched on all of the basics when it comes to hair care, like staying away from heat and deep conditioning a couple of times a week, she also shared some tips that we never thought about. One of them is keeping our heat tools clean. De León revealed: “We torture our hair and we’re constantly putting heat on it or pulling it back. We’re doing all sorts of things in our everyday life, so if you must use it [heat] then a tip I would have would be to make sure that your tools are actually clean. It’s so important.”

And you shouldn’t forget about your blow dryers as well. Irinel explained: “If you need to use a blow dryer, making sure that your blow dryer filter is clean because that can cause overheating.”

But that’s not where it ends when it comes to cleaning our hair tools. You also have to make sure that you are cleaning your hair brushes at least once a week. “Making sure your brushes are clean to make sure all the bacteria is out of there so it’s not building up bacteria on your strands or on your scalp” she explained.

Masks over conditioners 

When it comes to hair care, rather than applying a conditioner, Irinel suggests to opt for a hair mask. This will deeply nourish your hair, and help it recover from our daily styles. She explained: “Apply a treatment mask at least once a week to your hair. You can like sleep in it, you can leave it in all day.” She calls this technique “mask and chill”, and it’s a great way to incorporate some self-care into those days that you spend at home.

Use a micro cloth towel

Irinel also strongly suggests staying away from terry cloth towels, and to choose micro cloth towels instead. She explained: “It’s so bad for your hair. It strips your hair of moisture and also make sure that you’re making small changes around your house, you know. I think that’s one of the biggest ones, avoiding a terry cloth towel and make the switch to a micro cloth towel.”

Our hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. It’s so easy for it to break once it’s soaked in water. So make sure that you are extra gentle with it when it’s wet. De León concluded: “A lot of girls just wack their hair with a brush, with a detangling brush, and you can actually hear it detangling. If you can hear your hair detangling, it’s no good because the hair is the most fragile when it’s wet.”

Hmmm, that is interesting because personally I feel my hair is the most fragile when it’s super dry but let’s go with Irinel’s suggestion this time.

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