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Everything You Need to Know About Blue Beauty

For the past years, the beauty market has undergone many changes. For instance, many manufacturers have produced environmentally friendly products due to the Green Beauty movement. Recently, the Blue Beauty movement has emerged. So, what is this latest beauty trend? Here are some of the important details about Blue Beauty.

What is Blue Beauty?

Like Green Beauty, Blue Beauty aims to use natural ingredients and protect the environment. The difference is that the this new movement has taken a step further to make beauty products more sustainable and environmentally friendly, especially in aquatic ecosystems.

As you know, many beauty products hurt lakes, rivers, and oceans. One, in particular, is the plastic containers used as packaging. As you know, millions of non-recyclable cosmetic packaging are dumped in the oceans every year. Aside from plastic, chemicals can also harm marine life. An example of this is sunscreen. Most traditional sunscreen contains chemicals that can damage coral reefs.

This new movement encourages manufacturers to create formulations with ocean-safe ingredients or chemicals. Also, they urge beauty brands to use recyclable packaging. Fortunately,  several brands are now offering these types of products, including One Ocean Beauty, ATHR Beauty, and Codex Beauty Labs.

What Makes a Beauty Product Blue?


One of the most important details about Blue Beauty is the ingredients of the product. As mentioned, many cosmetic products have non-biodegradable ingredients and chemicals that harm aquatic ecosystems. Even so, manufacturers can still create high-quality beauty products using natural and sustainable ingredients. As such, this movement encourages consumers to read labels and opt for environmentally friendly products.

Manufacturing Practices and Packaging

Aside from ingredients, manufacturers must also abide by environmentally friendly practices to create Blue Beauty products. Also, they must use biodegradable or reusable packaging. The good news is that some Blue Beauty brands use recycled containers as packaging, which helps reduce plastic waste.


Disposal is associated with the ingredients and packaging of the product. However, you also have to consider what happens to the product after you rinse it off. These products contain natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about polluting the oceans and the environment when using them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these are some of the important details about Blue Beauty. Even though this beauty trend is quite new, more and more brands and consumers are now aware of the effects of beauty products on the environment. You can also be a part of this movement by opting for products made with natural ingredients. As much as possible, avoid those with more than five chemicals. Remember, natural ingredients are healthier for your skin and better for the environment.

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